Sunday, March 19, 2017


Cushions are my new favourite thing to make, it would seem :)

This one has been in production since way before Christmas, and was intended as a Christmas gift for a very special friend of mine (oops!) Luckily, she is the kind of friend who saw the humour in recieving a cushion top , half stitched and held together with safety pins on Christmas Eve.

The stitchery design is by Rosalie Dekker Designs, and is stitched with Cottage Garden Thread 1301 Rosalie, which quite possibly is my favourite of all CGTs.


The background was created by piecing lots of 2.5 inch squares in random order, backing that piece with some wadding, then quilting a smidge on either side of the joining seams. It's a simple technique but gives the cushion a gorgeous cuddly feel.

I used a dinner plate slightly bigger than the design to create a cardboard template. I then cut the stitchery roughly in a slightly bigger circle, gathered around the outside of the fabric and placed it over the template.  If you pull the bobbin threads firmly but carefully, your stitchery will form a neat circle over the cardboard.

I  iron the stitchery then remove the cardboard....this leaves you with a nice round circle, which you pin then stitch onto your prepared background. I always machine stitch :)

 Thankfully she loved it.

Perhaps I should start making Christmas gifts a little earlier this year?


Susan xxx


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

It's absolutely lovely and I'm sure your friend will adore it. Making cushions is one of my favourite things to do too :)

Anthea said...

Oh I'm laughing at the half-finished gift Suzi! You funny lady!
Great to see it finished - so beautiful!

Chookyblue...... said...

Yes start now for sure.......

Hope said...

It is a lovely gift, well worth waiting for I'm sure. But yes, perhaps start a bit earlier this year, lol. ;)