Friday, April 7, 2017

Foxy Happenings

My focus this year on small projects has lead me to my UFO stash....
obviously the fact that projects only require a couple of hours work
 to finish them doesn't preclude them from being tossed aside when
 a new shiny project comes along 😳

A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend an event in Sydney 
called Urban Stitches. Along with some lovely projects from Rosalie 
Dekker and her lovely sister Melly, we worked on a gorgeous felt fox 
with the divine
 Jodie Carleton from Ric Rac.

I  had managed to stitch and stuff a few of the body parts over the course
 of that weekend, but that's where my poor fox was left...unfinished and
looking rather disjointed!

A few hours of hand blanket-stitching, and he was looking MUCH more handsome.

This is a totally hand sewn project, and was such fun to watch come to life!
 Now my fox is happily sitting in my craft space, I'm thinking I may just pull
 out some of the other kits I bought that weekend...the pig and giraffe are exceptionally cute!

While on the subject of foxes, I thought I'd share my next instalment of
 Foxley Village...Part 7.

Only two more blocks to go on this one! The quilt top is a really nice size
now, so it's tempting to just get in and finish it off (if only I didn't have so
 many other projects on the go!)

 As always, my furry assistants had to test for comfort and durability 😆
I've set myself a May deadline on this quilt which may be pushing it a bit?
 I'd better get stitching!

Thanks for popping in to visit...and have a lovely weekend! ITS FRIDAY!