Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Life 2012- Week 22

Hello Week 22!

 I've gone with a somewhat "boyish" colour scheme this week, mainly due to the fact that this week features quite a bit of my boy :) I find it peculiar  that some weeks seem to feature a particular child, but have given up trying to fight it and include photos of each of them each week...hopefully it will all balance out in the end!

 I also tried to include some pieces from my Project Life core kit...I'm no longer afraid to cut into it and alter the pieces to suit! I have no doubt that if I continue with Project Life in 2013 that I will want to buy a new kit, which I won't be able to justify if I already have one sitting on my desk...cut cut cut!

This is one of the plain journal cards with two strips of washi tape placed along the edge and some star stickers to jazz it up a bit...too easy!  Again...can't keep buying washi tape if the rolls I have are still full...cut cut cut!

I've also come to the realisation that I can't continue to buy alphabets to spell out the word "week" each's always the "e"s that disappear first, isn't it? So instead of adding to my collection of alphabets with no letter e, I shouted myself my very first alphabet dies for my (dusty and hardly ever used) Cuttlebug machine. alphabet AND some cute little banner dies ;)

 These work SO well on the Cuttlebug, and are so much more affordable than the original Cuttlebug dies that I used to buy...why has it taken me so long to discover this??? Cut cut cut!

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Ooh, must look into those dies! One of these days, when paper crafting is back in favour around here.

Great pages once again. You are doing so amazingly well and I can't believe you're thinking about next year's already! Masochist. ;)

Linda said...

Oh no washi tape and you have used your cuttlebug, lucky I was sitting down wahoooo PTI has lovely dies, just sayin.

Tracey said...

Week 22, its looking great. Love the everyday photo moments:) Great dies too!

Leah said...

Would love a set of those alpha dies, cant quite read who theyre from, can you pse let me know where you got them. Ta

J said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm really enjoying your PL updates and love that you are a fellow Perth girl. I have been toying with the idea of a Cuttlebug, would you recommend them?