Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Crossbred Edition

Life down on the farm doesn't always go to plan...especially when it comes to the breeding program :)

Most of the time when a new life  is born on the farm, you know exactly what you're going to get. Bloodlines, breed, temperament...all these things have been taken into consideration at conception, and the new arrival fits perfectly into the herd.

 Sometimes, however, there comes a little...ahem...surprise. Sure, this offspring might looks like it may belong, but it has certain...differences...which suggest something may be amiss.

I've always felt this way about these particular fabrics in the Rose Parade collection :)
Sure, they have the same colours. Some of the prints are even the same. And yet...they don't quite belong? There are flowers other than roses in there, for a start! There are divided sections with weird stitched-print borders. I doubted at one time that they would make it onto my quilt at all.

Desperate times call for desperate Rose Parade stash is getting low. So today I decided to work with the cross-bred fabrics...and hope for the best!

As in any breeding program, the cross-breds gave varied results. Some fitted in quite nicely, and you have to look closely to even notice a difference...

 ...this is Block 77 Seasons, and if I didn't tell you, you probably wouldn't notice that the centre flower is not, in fact, a rose.

The next crossbred example, (Block 109, Windows) while noticably different, is not offensive, and will hopefully work in quite nicely as part of a larger group.

 You wouldn't want too many more like it in your herd, mind you, but it's not too bad.

Then there are the cross breds (like this one, Block 85 Square Dance) who, no matter how polite you try to be, will always be...well...

...a bit feral :) 

LOL...the joys of farming!

TTFN xxx

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 34

Hello Project Life Week 34...

...and another week of staying caught up. I know I say this all the time, but I looooovvveee being caught seems to free up a whole space in my brain IYKWIM? One less thing to think about is always a good thing for me!

Week 34 was another mainly Instagram week. Do you use Instagram? If you do, please let me know so I can look at your's so inspiring to see what photos pop up in my feed each day!

I've used the blue/green/yellow colourway of Echo Park's For The Record 2 this week ...because it was sitting on my desk, and because I wanted to use boyish colours for a change :)

So many little moments captured   :)

 I would really love to be adding inserts and extra layouts each week, but unfortunately that just doesn't seem to happen...lack of time, lack of mojo, lack of photos. One day I will get my act together!

Riley turned 15 on the Saturday of this week, but his party was held on the Sunday...which is the start of Week 35. BONUS! My layout for next week should be easy :)

And that was Week 34...

TTFN xxx

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ruby Banners

One of the big challenges for me as a fabric lover is to actually use my favourite fabrics :)

In the past, I have been guilty of hoarding fabric...ohhhh yes....of not wanting to snip into my favourite pieces...of not feeling that I could do the fabric justice...of wanting to keep it forever and ever.   The thing is, though, that like everything else, fabric does date. I have a whole drawer of brown Debbie Mumm fabrics that are proof of this fact :)

Over the years I have come to this conclusion...fabric needs to be used! So one day a while ago, I broke out my rotary cutter, grabbed a pattern that I love, took a deep deep breath, and started cutting into my beloved Ruby fabric....

...and each day that I stitched a little of my Ruby fabric, my heart was happy ;)  The colours are beyond divine. The prints are gorgeous. Sewn together, they are breathtaking.

And banners! Banners make me so so happy! Who knew you could gain such joy from actually using your favourite fabric? Many, many progress shots on Instagram followed :)

Today I sewed the border fabrics on....and my joy soared to a whole new level! I'm even excited about quilting it...and yes! I am planning to quilt it myself!

Good grief.

I am definitely onto something here ;)

TTFN xxx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 33

Hello Project Life Week 33...

...and another week of our lives documented. This week was captured entirely on my iPhone...I am so grateful for the portability and quality that this little phone gives me :)

 I've used Echo Park's new line called For The Record 2 for this the combination of pink and orange, and the journaling cards are the perfect size for Project Life pockets. (That's probably not a coincidence, as I see that Lori Whitlock (the Echo Park designer) is also behind some of the new PL editions that have recently been revealed over on Becky Higgins blog. Have you checked them out yet? I nearly squealed out loud when I saw the new Olive Edition by Heather Bailey!)

 Anyhoo, this week was all about school projects and playdates, orthodontist visits and ice cream, lunch dates and sickness...ordinary, everyday life in our house :)

I was thrown a curve ball seems that instead of my planned activities, I am to spend the week on a chair with my feet up, and hopefully end the week with some answers as to why my foot is constantly hurting.  I am really not good at sitting still, so can't imagine how I'm going to behave myself! Hello stitching...and lots of it!

TTFN xxx

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rainbow bouncing :)

What to do for a 15 year old birthday party? It's a tough call, especially when said teenager is a boy, and the guests are all around the same age...and somewhat boisterous :)

After much deliberation, we decided that a trampolining party would be perfect...somewhere that the energy levels of the group wouldn't be a problem ;)  and I could do the food (because I LOVE to do the food!)
A "rainbow lolly buffet" was decided upon...

 ...and this is what we came up with! I had SO MUCH FUN finding lollies (and fruit) to fit with the theme...we had everything from Kitkats, to twisties, to rainbow cupcakes, to much sugar in one place! The rainbow jellies were a huge hit, and provided a colourful addition across the back of the table.

I have to admit...we ALL had a ball. Riley enjoyed revisiting some of his trampolining tricks...

...and even the adults got into the action :)

 In all the years my kids have done trampoline as a sport, I had never, not even once, had a jump. Today that was rectified :)

I wasn't counting on being pushed into the pit, though! LOL

The cake was deceptively simple...

 ...a three tiered cake with simple gumball decorations, but with a little surprise in the middle...

...lots of colours! I wasn't quick enough to get a good shot of the cutting (and the gumballs disappeared really fast!) but this will give you the idea :)

And that's how we celebrated 15 years with our boy!

TTFN xxx

Saturday, August 25, 2012

15 Candles

It's been a whole 15 years since I became a Mum for the first time.

This boy captured my heart from the moment he was born. He makes me proud every single day. I love him with all my heart.

Happy birthday sweet boy!

TTFN xxx

Friday, August 24, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Positively Positive Edition

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Why does it sometimes feel that weeks are not created equal? Some fly by so fast, and some drag on...and on...and on...and feel like they will never end. This week has been one of those never-ending ones (if you hadn't already guessed LOL). Its been a challenge to be positive, that's for sure... but that is exactly what I need to stay... :)

So rather than dwell on the things that I don't love about these Farmers Wife blocks (and there is quite a bit LOL), I will try to focus on what I do love...

 This block  is number 108 Windmill, and I love that I was able to use my stripey fabric again...and I love the red polka dot washi tape (ok, struggling with the positives right about now LOL)

And this one is number 107 Windblown Square...

I love can unpick it later if I really can't stand those unmatching seams any longer? No...that's not positive! I love that these  prints are two of my favourites :) 

Oh...and I love that, now that my blocks are done for this week, I can get busy organising my son's birthday party for Sunday...lots and lots to do!

I love that it's Friday and I don't have to go to work. I love that it's fly-in day for my husband. I love that I'm catching up with my bestie tonight. I love that my kids and I are (almost)  free of sickness. I love that the sun is shining.

Positive enough? LOL

Have a great Friday

TTFN xxx

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thought for the day...

It's very hard not to wish for fly-in day to come quicker ....and some weeks of him being away seem to be soooo much longer than others.

And that's my (somewhat melancholy)  thought for the day ;)

TTFN xxx

Friday, August 17, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Quick (she's sick!) Edition

Farmers Wife Friday is not quite as I imagined it this morning, as I have a little sick girl in the house. Thankfully she is on the mend, but I haven't had much time to play around with my blocks...which is probably not such a bad thing, as I DO tend to overthink these things :)

Block 55 is called Linoleum, and is one of my favourite colour combinations, pink and red.

It's not often a block lends itself to the stripe fabrics in Rose Parade, so I grasp every opportunity... especially now my supply of some of the other fabrics is dwindling. I'm stretching them as far as they'll go!

Block 56 is called Maple Leaf, for obvious reasons...

...I'm also running out of options for single colour blocks, as I've used most of them already.

Hopefully next week I can lay all the blocks out and show you where I'm up to...I have quite a fat stack of them now :)

Have a great Friday

TTFN xxx

Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 32

Well hello Week 32...didn't you pop up quickly?

Sorry to totally bombard you with Project Life lately, but I am thrilled to be able to say that I am now totally  and completely up-to-date. Yep...couldn't even do another page if I wanted to :)

I don't think this has ever happened to me before...and I am LOVING it! I can concentrate on the taking photos bit, rather than the panicking about not having enough for last week bit....WOOHOOOOO!

 I've used a collection pack from Crate Paper called Pretty Party for these pages, along with some Echo Park Dots and Stripes all-time favourite :)

You'd be correct in thinking it's birthday season around here :) Last week it was Merryn, this week my husband, and we are in the process of planning Riley's in a couple of weeks...busy times in our house!

I've included a copy of the party invitation, a note from Lydia's school explaining the teaching arrangements while her teacher is on maternity leave, and a highlight from the Olympics...bits and pieces which will hopefully be of interest in years to come :)

Thanks for hanging in there with these Project Life posts. I'll be back to show you a completed quilt top when I get a chance to photograph it...I wonder if you can guess which one? LOL

TTFN xxx

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 31...and other random Sunday stuff :)

Hello Project Life Week 31...

 ...a week whereby I smudged the title, but couldn't be bothered fixing it :)

 A week whereby, instead of panicking that I didn't have many photos, I decided to document some of the little things like ingenious fish-protecting, bird-scaring, beer-can-and- fishing-line inventions (my husband is such a classic!) ...and my kids school photos...and the destruction of the tennis court in our local park :(

 A week whereby I cheated just a bit, and snapped a photo of my son to add to the page, but in the wrong week (gotta grab these opportunities when they arise!).

 And a week which definitely has a patchworky, sewing kinda vibe about it, thanks to Instagram photos and a Handmade Collection scrapbook paper pack by Lillybee Design, which really is very lovely.

It's been a very windy, rainy, wild and woolly sort of day around here today, and we are all just doing our own thing (love days like this!). My little one found some batteries to put in her new Smiggle pencil sharpener, and has spent hours happily sharpening the point where each one of us has commented at one time or another...Merryn, are you STILL sharpening pencils? All had been quiet for a while, and then I discovered why...

 ...she's hiding out in the garage with an old box of long-forgotten pencils, STILL sharpening! It's pretty serious business...she's even had to take her beads off :) Love this kid.

And just in case you were thinking I had fallen off the Farmers Wife bandwagon again, here is Fridays effort...'s Block 74 Ribbons. It went together really nicely, and I was right on track for a Farmers Wife Friday post...until I hit Block 75 Rosebud. ..which would not go together no matter how many times I unpicked it! So I abandoned it when I ran out of time for more unpicking...might try again tomorrow.

Until then,

TTFN xxx

Monday, August 6, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 30

Hello Week 30...a week in which I finally feel like I may be hitting some sort of rhythm with this Project Life business :)'s only taken me 8 months! LOL.

Seriously though, I'm happy that I am pulling my camera out a bit more to capture the little moments in my week...even if it IS my iPhone...and I'm remembering to write down a few thoughts as the week progresses.

 Like when I was leaning down to feed the dog, and thought a spider had fallen into my face...when in fact it was just my hair :) (You have to remember, I've had very short hair for over 7 years, and the feeling of hair in my eyes was sorta freaky LOL!)

 I've used October Afternoon's Cakewalk papers and embellishments for this week...they fit in really well with Merryn's birthday photos :)

This photo cracks me right up...

...I'm trying to establish a homework routine in the afternoons that the kids and I are at home, and it's having mixed results :) I can imagine Riley rolling his eyes at me when he sees this...LOL..."OMG! LOOK AT ME! I'm doing homework!"

Love it :)

TTFN xxx

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mint Julep on a Saturday

I'm all over my Mystery Block of the Month stitching so far...

...but then, this IS only  Block Two :)

It's called  Mint Julep and was designed by Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings...and the colours make my heart sing! I'm loving having a totally pieced project on the go...they  take so much less time to put together than the stitched projects that I usually favour....and it's a nice change of pace ;)

You'd be correct in thinking that I have a lot of crafty projects happening at any given time (did you ever notice that? LOL) but that just seems to be the way I roll. Are you the same? Or do you focus on just one project at a time? Just wondering :)

TTFN xxx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Farmers Wife Friday - The Drought is Broken Edition!

There's been a fairly long drought down on my farm... fact, I really can't remember the last time we had some rain, and I was beginning to think that we may just be in drought forever :(

However, some recent significant events have seen my interest in farming cleaning up my craft room and finding my lovely big pile of completed pretty! Like seeing Kristyne from Pretty By Hand's AMAZING completed quilt! (you sooo have to check it is diabolically beautiful). Like following Camille Roskelley on Instagram, and watching new blocks appear on her feed almost daily. Like discussing fabric combinations with my sweet friend Hope, and watching how cleverly she puts her Rose Parade fabrics to use on her Farmers Wife blocks. How could I resist?

I tossed around addding some new fabrics to the mix (instead of sticking to Rose Parade, dots and crisp white), but once I started playing, I decided I just COULD NOT contaminate the beauty of the Rose Parade :)

So, here we have the blocks to break the drought! Number 72, Railroad...

 ...can you spot the pattern straight through the middle of the block?

And Number 73 Rainbow Flowers...
...a bit hard to see in my photo, but I've used the same pattern in red, hot pink, white, and a plain white square in the corner.

Here's hoping the rain continues! (and happy Friday!)

TTFN xxx

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 29

Hello Project Life Week 29...a week in which we played in the sunshine, had a family outing to Fremantle, ate ice creams, rode bicycles, and enjoyed another week of  school holidays!
 I had a few more photos to play with this week, which has GOT to be a good thing :) I devoted most of the left side of the page to our day in Freo....I have to sneak photos of my boys in where I can!

 The right side covers bits and pieces of our week...sprinkle sandwiches for lunch, the kids issue of Donna Hay magazine ( love the kids issue!) and my brand new bicycle basket.

 I kept the embellishments fairly simple again...just using some of my stash... and challenged  myself to reach into my older papers for the backgrounds. The dots paper is from a very old collection by October Afternoon...where that love affair began :)

And that was Week 29.

My goal this week is to complete two weeks of Project Life, and be totally up-to-date...and stay that way. Wish me luck!

TTFN xxx