Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 31 and 32

Hello Weeks 31 and 32...and hello to winning the catch-up battle once again :)

This Project Life journey can be so rewarding...but it can also feel like really hard work sometimes! Lack of photos and periods of sadness have really played havoc with my last few weeks of documenting :(

Week 31 was particularly hard for me, as I wanted to document the passing of our precious dog Clancy, but couldn't bring myself to put it down on paper for a while. The vet had given me a snippet of his fur, and I really couldn't decide whether to include it or not...and what part of the story to include...and how to include it without breaking into tears every time I tried to write about it. It all got a bit too hard :( Anyhoo...I wrote some words down but hid it on the back of a long journaler in the end, and tried to compensate for my lack of photos for the rest of the week as best I could. Once I got past that, catching up seemed so much easier.

I mostly used my Midnight kit, with some splashes of hot pink thrown in.

Week 32 saw me pull out my Honey Core Kit...lots of bright colours and crisp white.

I thought I would really struggle with this week due to lack of photos again, but managed to fill the pockets!

Thanks so much for visiting...hopefully I'll have a bit more crafting happening around here soon!

TTFN xxx


Anonymous said...

such beautiful work Suzitee,well done.xx

Hope said...

Love your pages Susan, full of family and an obviously loving family. Beautiful.

dawn said...

Hi Susan, so nice to see your PL weeks here. I'm sorry that week was a tough one for you, glad you made it thru and kept going though. Love that picture of your sweet dog, such a good clear one. What fun seeing all that pink and black for that week. That Midnight kit is on my list, heck who am I kidding, they are all on my list, haha!!
I never would have thought you'd have an IGA in Australia, and WOW it's huge. We have two small ones, so cool seeing this in your area. I swear your kids are so cute together, love that your son hangs with his sisters and enjoys them.

Love the HONEY kit, looks great with all the same journaling cards matching. LOVE that little collage of all of you, sweet family you have Susan.
Great job with both weeks. I agree about PL it can be a chore at times but so rewarding when it's done. I think knowing it will be on my blog is what keeps me motivated and staying caught up. It's so fun to share it with others.
Take care and Have a great week!! HUGS!

Helen said...

Beautiful pages as usual, of your beautiful family even through the difficult week.