Friday, February 20, 2015

Natures Journey-a new project!

I probably didn't need a(nother) new project to work on ;) 

In fact, when Chookyblue announced on the stitch-a-long blog that she was planning a new project  for 2015, I mentally reassured myself that I would not be joining up. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed working on the previous stitch-a-longs...and even managed to complete them all according to schedule...I figured that I had quite enough to work on right now.

Then the project was announced, and I was powerless to resist....I love Anni Downs patterns!

I had signed up before I had the chance to reconsider, and set about choosing some fabrics. The pattern lends itself to scraps, but after lots of auditioning (and mess-making!) I decided to use Bonnie and Camille's Miss Kate as the basis for my colour selections.

It wasn't until I pulled the matching threads that I realised I had reverted back to my standard, aqua, candy pink and apple green, with some navy and burnt orange to add some pop. Oh well, at least I know I'll love the finished result!

Part One of our stitching schedule was to complete 4 large blocks and 7 small...not too daunting once I got started.

I'm hoping they look a bit more cohesive once I make a few more over the coming's all looking a bit random so far!

I hesitated in stitching the year block. I mean, really, is it likely that I'll finish Natures Journey in 2015?

With the blog being updated with such inspiring work from very talented stitchers, and the encouragement of my stitching buddies, I'm hoping I can keep up the pace. Part One...February now complete! YAY!

If you need a little stitching inspiration, the blog is really worth a look :)

TTFN xxx


Chookyblue...... said...

I'm sure you will get these done..........IN 2015........stick with the SAL and meet the months and you will be done.........
lovely will all come together well..........

Deb R said...

Love your fabric choiceS, it's going to be a gorgeous quilt!

Hope said...

Looking good Susan. Hope you're having fun.