Sunday, March 8, 2015

Scandinavian pictures.

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while will know that I love to make BIG long-term projects. Especially quilts.

Occasionally I finish one off, and while I was missing-in-action from my blog during 2014, I actually finished off a few!

 A dear friend hinted to me recently that she would love to see a bit more of my Scandinavian Rose quilt, and since she asked nicely, I thought I just might take some photos ;)

Scandinavian Rose is a pattern by the very talented Rosalie Quinlan. It came as a series of pre-printed stitcheries, and I also ordered a fabric pack to match her original version done in pinks and reds.

I didn't LOVE the pinks and reds, so I ended up ditching them altogether and dived into my box of Bonnie and Camille scraps instead. There's a lot of Bliss, some Ruby, and also some Tanya Whelan Delilah pieces in there too. It really was just a mash up of my favourite, turquoise, red and apple green, with lots of polkadot goodness as well.  Go with what you love, right?

The stitching took me months and months, and the piecing took me even more months.

Then I decided to quilt it myself (what was I thinking???) and it sat for a fair bit longer.

Totally love the back of it...which is probably the only thing that kept me going!

 I learned just how much patience was required to cross-hatch all those tiny little squares...and it turned out to be a real test of mine! I bit off sections at a time, and just kept at it....and at it...and at it!

My cute little assistant offered lots of encouragement along the way...she is just SO helpful!

I didn't think I would EVER get to the end, but one day, I did! I finished it off with a solid turquoise binding, which I think really made the colours POP.

 Funnily enough, I really miss having Scandinavian Rose to stitch....long term projects are definitely my thing :)

(ta ta for now)
Susan xx


Chookyblue...... said...

it's gorgeous....congrats.............

laurajane said...

Very beautiful,a fantastic finish.x

Helen said...

Oh I love it and the fabrics look great !!!!

dawn said...

Hello Susan, your quilt is GORGEOUS!! Great job making it work for you and for finishing it. So much to love about it, cute assistant you have too.

Would love to see you do another one!

Hope said...

It is GORGEOUS! I love it ever so much, thank you for posting about it. :) The colours you used are fantastic and the border and binding... You've created a thing of beauty x

Bev C said...

Hello Susan,

Congratulations, all that work is amazing, enjoy snuggling under that quilt.

Happy days.

Deb R said...

ohh this is such a beautiful quilt! the quilting does compliment it completely, well done, tis gorgeous!

barb's creations said...

It's just beautiful! I'm also working on this quilt and have just finished block two and about to begin stitching block three and like you have decided to use my stash of Bonnie & Camille fabrics for finishing it off with. Your finished version is a great incentive to keep slogging away at mine :) Barb.