Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Natures Journey...bring on the colour!

After months and months of working on my Natures Journey stitch-a-long quilt, I can happily say that I am finally loving it (phew!)

Amping up the colour was a good decision for me. Working with plain backgrounds for the first few months was challenging, and since the order of construction for this quilt was working from the borders in to the centre, it was really hard for me to visualise how it would all come together.

Once I started constructing the centre block, it all began to look more cohesive (thank goodness!) I was also very thankful at this point that I had opted for the vliesofix/blanket stitch applique method, rather than needleturn...sooooo many small pieces to sew into place!

Of course, my little helper has been overseeing the entire process, testing each part for comfort and durability. Whatever would I do without her?

A red polkadot peeper border just didn't seem enough, so I stuck with the same fabric for the outer border too. I DO love my red polkadots! I may have to go searching for more soon...there are still a few borders to go ;)

Polkadots in all sizes and colours have pretty much taken over the whole quilt, really. Predictable? Probably.

These are the last group of blocks for the stitched border, which means I am ready to start cutting lots and lots of little squares, ready to put the quilt top together....YAY!

Guess I had better stock up on hayfever medication to get me through the first month of Spring...there's a lot of stitching in my immediate future if I'm going to finish this SAL on schedule :)

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

It's really looking lovely and bright and polka-dotty. It's good to read that you're liking it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the journey. :)

Susan said...

This does look really nice - I love nice bright clear colours too - just thought I'd pop in and see how its going...so close to the end.