Monday, October 19, 2009

My little helper.

I'm starting to realize just how quickly this year is passing...

...and how quickly my day times with this little girl are disappearing. School is looming, and days spent cooking and crafting with my little helper are all the more precious. Sob sob...I hate it when they go to school.

Enough are some cards we made today :)

Using up some of my favourite bits and bobs from various Making Memories lines...Noteworthy and Paperie on this one.

Paperie and Kand Co, with a lovely Melissa Frances stamp.

Noteworthy and Paperie my Making Memories :)
Have a great day
TTFN xxx

1 comment:

texmorg said...

Merryn looks so serious and so much older in that photo. Oh the concentration.
Your cards are lovely as always.
Congrats on winning the lighting cant wait to see what you get.