Sunday, August 22, 2010

The importance of focus.

At last, I have framed my 39 squares embroidery project...

The stitchery has been sitting on my desk since my birthday back in April, just waiting...waiting for the right frame, then waiting for the frame to be painted red (thanks Bobsy xxx), then waiting for me to get motivated to lace it and put it all together.
You know what this project is making me think of right now? How important focus is.
You see, I have lots of gorgeous papers and beautiful fabrics and inspirational idea books. I have a great space to create in, enough pockets of time in which to create, and even the skills to make beautiful things. What I lack is focus.
I stitched the 39 squares stitchery in just 39 days. 39 days. I was focused on completing it, I worked on it every day, and after just 39 days I had created something that I am proud of, and that I love. If only I could apply that focus to my day to day. Instead of procrastinating, and putting off, and stashing a project in my cupboard when something doesn't go quite right, I need to focus on that wonderful feeling of completion.
Rather than hang this frame in our bedroom as I had originally planned, I am going to sit it on my craft desk for now, to remind me of what I can achieve when I really focus on something :)
TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Susan - Your 39 squares looks beautiful in its red frame. Great idea to use it as a motivator for focus - I think we could all use some of that!

Linda said...

Focus, whats that? It took me all day to focus on the ironing today which seemed to take me all day so there was no craft time left.
Oh yes, you have to have your 39 SQ"s out where everyone can appreciate them.

Janellybelly said...

Your 39 squares looks gorgeous in it's new frame. I am still in awe at the size of the squares you stitched! I love the fabric in the background of the photo too :)

Tracey said...

Hey I can get on your blog LOL. Your 39 squares is amazing and definately a good motivator, but hey girl don't beat yourself up so much. Just get things done when you have the time but make sure you make time for "me" time.
Loved Friday night, so much fun and great to catch up.
love me :-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh I loved watching your updates when you were making those squares, the are all so lovely! Fab idea to leave it on your desk.

Jindi's Cottage said...

39 squares...what a great project...I've heard of focus...apparently it is something other people have...I think I might have been absent the day that was handed out...he he he
Thanks for leaving your nice comments on my Stitch-A-Long come up as no reply so I wasn't able to email you...oh well, where there is a will there is a way... :)

kathie said...

Wow, and it looks fantastic. Go you!

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Yeah, I am grateful. Pity every now and then the emotions catch up with me and I yearn for what wasn't. Oh well, I'm only human, hey. I totally am going to pin your "acceptance can lead to all sorts of happiness" up on the wall somewhere :)

Vicki said...

Great to see your project framed and up on display Susan! I still have the fabric sitting on my desk waiting for me to get started on mine.....maybe one day soon!!!!

Mel said...

It looks so beautiful all framed up Suzi!!! LOve, love love :)