Friday, December 9, 2011

December Daily Days 5 and 6

More December days documented :)

I was hoping to catch up with my album today, but got caught up with my gift wrapping instead...just a little more present shopping to do and I can start thinking about the food....which is the fun bit!

Day 6 is a little story about a new advent activity we are doing this year.

I gift wrapped all of our Christmas books (and added a couple to make enough) and put a number on each of them, thinking that we would count down with a book each night...simple, right?

Well, no actually, because I wasn't here on the 1st night (I was at a meeting) and the whole concept of counting down...which you would think my kids would have well-and-truly down pat by kind of mixed up. I didn't cotton on to this until Day 4 , when I went looking for Book 21 and came across Book 24. And Book 1. And a couple of other numbers that didn't make sense LOL. The last few nights we've tried to get a new system going, but I relented and made new numbered stars this morning :)

Never leave the 7 year old in charge of the advents!

Day 7 was a rainy, stormy day and I unexpectedly came home from work early. The photo is the park across the road from our house. The "lake" only appears after long periods of rain, and the ducks from the other lakes in the park all flock to the "new" lake. Watching the rain and the ducks, in an unexpected little pocket of time all to myself, was the highlight of my day :)

That's all for now...

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Well to wrap presents you have to have some to start with and i have not done any shopping yet. Love the lake it sure was a weird day. You are going so well with your DD, not behind at all. Cant wait to see it irl

Tracey said...

love the story about the books, how cute.
love me :-)

Jenni said...

You are sounding quite organised for Christmas...
Loving your December daily!

Hope said...

I love the book advent calendar idea. Love how mixed up it got too :) Day 6 sounds lovely. What a great sight.