Friday, July 20, 2012

5 in 5...a mini challenge!

Today I have a little challenge...for me, and for you :)

 It occurred to me just this morning, that today is the 20th of July. The 20th! Only 11 more days and we will be at the end of another month! Now, I don't know about you, but my crafty goals for the month of July haven't even made it to the sidebar of this blog yet, let alone been achieved LOL.

So I've set myself a mini challenge. Over the next 5 days, I am going to complete 5...yes, 5...of my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt blocks. I'm lucky...the blocks for this month are quite small.

All about the size of this butterfly block, in fact...which I will call Day 1. The blocks for next month are quite small too, so I tacked a couple of extra onto my challenge...because how good would it feel to be ahead for a change?

And here's a little challenge for you...why don't you do a 5 in 5 challenge too? If you're participating in the SKoW Stitch-a-long group, you could stitch your July/August blocks alongside me. If you are doing Farmers Wife blocks, maybe you could make 5 over the next 5 days. If you're a scrapbooker...go for 5 layouts. A cardmaker? 5 cards. You get the idea :)

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Leave me a comment so I can check out what you're up to :)

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Well, there's a good challenge! I doubt I'll be able to do it to be honest. Not home Monday, cooking Tuesday, Christmas Wednesday. Leaves me the weekend. How about two in two?

Hope said...

PS. Love the butterfly block - cute!

Linda said...

Mmmm five ya say.

Nancy from Nigeria said...

Naah... too blinkin' hot to do this challenge love!
Greetings from Nigeria !;)