Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mess mess mess!

Making cards would have to be one of the messiest passtimes I can think of...for me, anyway :) It becomes an exercise in pulling everything that I own out of it's place, covering my desk with it, and then trying to create something in the square inch of space I have left.

I do have a few cards to show for it though....see if you can spot what I am loving at the moment...

This is not quite as bright as it looks here-I used auto colour correction in Photoshop, and this was the result...reminds me of someone who has just got new false teeth LOL...all bright and sparkly white :)
Some older Basic Grey paper on this one, and a mixture of stamps and inks.

And another artificially enhanced one :) The colours were really dark when I took the photos, just in case you were wondering why I have given these cards a mini-makeover.
I had better clean up some mess, as tonight we are off to the footy...real footy as my hubby calls it. I haven't seen a game of rugby league in years, so it should be fun!
Enjoy your Saturday
TTFN xxx


Bev C said...

The cards are just beautiful,and we are entitled to make a mess because we are the ones who have to clean up!!!! I hope you enjoy the footy match. Have a great weekend.

Melanie Baldry said...

Have a great time at the football :)

texmorg said...

Real Footy???AHMMMM
I guess that you are into ribbons at the moment. I love the hello one.
Gee it must have bben cold out there last night, did you all go?

Hope said...

I LOVE that top card, it's just gorgeous. The others are lovely too of course, but the top is my favourite. :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your celebrate card is my favourite! I am sure you would feel right at home in my craft room - I was working on paper craft projects this afternoon - you should have seen the mess I created:) Enjoy the rugby and hope the rest of your weekend is a winner.

Jenni said...

I like the "celebrate" card the best too! Although they are all really nice.