Monday, June 22, 2009

So VERY bad at keeping secrets!

I had to laugh the other day when I read the comments on this post would seem my dear sister really liked my new purchase. Funny...because I knew she would, and had already purchased a variation for her (and couldn't resist spilling the beans....I am very bad at keeping secrets!)

And since it has taken me days and days and days (weeks?) to post it to her, I thought the least I could do is show her :) It's on it's way now LOL. I also had a few of you ask where I found it, so here is a link to the website: . I have to be honest, the website is nowhere near as beautiful as the shop, which is located at 42 Farrall Road, Midvale. If you're going, give me a yell and I'll meet you there LOL ....their food is scrumptious!
I've also had a couple of you ask me if I am planning to quilt Christmas Belles myself, and the short answer to that is ....NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Despite doing a course with the famous Lee Cleland a few years back, I have never come to love machine quilting...more is the pity, because paying to have a quilt custom-quilted can be expensive! Nevertheless, I still pay :) The last quilt I had done was very disappointing, so I have found a new lady and booked it in (despite the fact that it's not quite finished...hee hee hee) If I love her work, I'll be sure to pass her details on! If her waiting list is any indication, she is very good :)
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

What a gorgeous shop, and you reckon its far better in real life. It looks like a shop that i could spend lots and lots in. Is the quilter here in Perth?

Bev C said...

I posted about this beautiful shop a few days ago too. We should arrange a lunch. It would make a good place to have a blog lunch.

Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

Oh wow - I didn't stop by here for a few days and look what I missed out on!! but YAY!!!!!!!!!!It arrived today and what a gorgeous surprise it was ESPECIALLY when you said it was for Christmas and I KNOW how strict you are with that rule - I was half expecting that if you did send it early that it would be wrapped in Christmas gift wrap with a tag saying "Do not open until Christmas!" lol - thank you so much - off to check out the store now!

Kirsty said...

Hey Susan
thought I'd stop by...WOW!! everything you do is just stunning isnt it??! I LOVE this shop I only live 5 minute drive away from it and drop in all the time (Well I used too :( ) Its gorgeous isnt it and always smells so divine!! Hope to catch up at Tomorrow's Memories sometime soon!