Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This, that and something else!

From the girl who has been noted to say that she does not like to machine quilt....

...LOL! This tablerunner that I've been making with Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas fabric has me giddy with happiness. The colours are divine, the quilting is going splendidly (if I do say so myself!) and tomorrow should see me finished! Linda and Tracey are coming up to have a day of quilt binding tomorrow, and I can not wait to see how our tablerunners all look together! (you may remember us starting on this project together before Christmas...)

We've been doing a bit (ok, lot) of reorganisation around the house in the last few days, preparing for a makeover of Lydia's bedroom. Part of the deal was that Merryn would score Lydia's old desk...and that made her more excited than Lydia!

Merryn spent the afternoon drawing, colouring, reorganising and playing at her desk...happy as a pig in mud :) She has definitely made the desk her own!

On a more serious note...the images of the flooding in Queensland on TV today have been nothing short of horrific. So many people have been left homeless, having lost everything to the raging waters that are flooding over 75% of the state. Dig deep, fellow Aussies...they could really use some help right now.

TTFN xxx


mickey said...

Just a few random thoughts in no particular order:
Your scrapbooking is amazing. I love the name 'Merryn'. I almost bought some KS 12 Days when I saw yours... I'm eager to see yours done! The images I see in Queensland brings back the horror of Katrina. It's so sad. Praying for all-

Linda said...

Cant wait to see your table runner, my binding is on just needs to be backstitched now.
Good on Merryn and yes i donated this afternoon.
See you tomorrow.

Tracey said...

Can't wait for tomorrow and can't wait to see how different they look.
I cannot put into words how I feel about the devistation in QLD. My heart of prayers go out to all.
love me :-)

Cardygirl said...

The tablerunner is looking fantastic...looking forwrad to seeing a picture of them all.