Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday - The No Sew Edition :)

So you could probably be forgiven for thinking that I have totally lost the plot LOL...but here's the thing.

I don't like being behind...thus the Farmers Wife Friday post on a Tuesday :) The rate that the days are going by lately, Friday will be here again before I know it, and I'd have a double lot of blocks to prepare...and that would not be good :)

And my sewing machine is broken...thus the no-sew blocks :) The shock of being almost finished on my Little Bluebirds quilt (yep, really!) was enough to send my poor Janome into meltdown, and it is now at the repair shop for at least for the next 2 weeks (the repair guy has gone to Switzerland to a training course...just my luck!)

So here are my Farmers Wife blocks for last Friday, minus the sewing :)
This one is called Country Farm, and is block number 23. I thought I'd get a bit adventurous and throw some different coloured polkadots into the mix...hello orange and green!

Block 24 is Country Path...

...and looks like it's going to be lots of fun to construct (said with some degree of sarcasm!)

My sweet daughter has kindly offered to loan me her sewing machine, and I do have another machine of my own that I could pull out of mothballs, so we'll see how I go...watch this space for the next Farmers Wife Friday instalment! It may even happen on Friday this week :)

TTFN xxx


Tracey said...

Seriously funny!!
Love me :-)

Hope said...

:) Glad you're managing to get something crafty done at least.

Love the fabrics you're using, so much so I bought a rose parade jelly roll and layer cake, as if I need more fabric calling me to make something.

Linda said...

Hey Susan you can borrow my janome. Blocks are looking good.