Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Catch-Up

A little bit of stitching has been going on around really saves my sanity some days, to be able to sit quietly for a minute or two and pass some thread through some fabric...sounds crazy, huh? September block for A Family Gathering is called Dad's Shed for obvious reasons :)

Cute little silver tools bring a smile to my face, even if nothing else in the shed does LOL...I'm not really into tools so much :)
My girls both had friends over after netball today, so while they played with my scrap paper and die-cutting machines, I put my Farmers Wife blocks together...giggling girls are such fun to listen to :)

Block number 19 is called Checkerboard...

and block number 20 is an old favourite, Churn Dash...

A bit of a stripey theme going on today :) It's not every block that I can use the stripes, so I try to incorporate them when I can. I can't quite believe I've done 20 blocks on this project already...the weeks are flying!

Have a great weekend

TTFN xxx


Hope said...

Beautiful! I LOVE how the churn dash block looks with the stripes.

Linda said...

mmm mmm your blocks are looking splendidamoondo, it really will look amazing when its all finished. I am yet to start my shed block yet, just feeling a bit shattered cant even bring myself to do the ironing. It gets very tiring going to the hospital most days. Oh woe is me. Still we have Tuesday of so hope to catch up a bit then.

Tracey said...

Love Dads shed. Still waiting to start mine... no excuse just haven't started.
Love me :-)

Laura said...

Great blocks and great fabrics!

Farm Girl said...

Great shed block :-)
Your FW blocks are lovely - 20 out of how many in total? You are getting thru them quickly!