Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Great Fish Rescue and the New Red Sofa

Last night, after weeks of neglect, I did a big cleanup in my craft room. It took a long time...and lots of chocolate :)

As I was making piles of paper, and piles of photos, and piles of other stuff, it occurred to me that the situation I have going on here can't continue. You see, even though scrapbooking is not a regular thing in my house any more (not like it used to be, anyway), I continue to buy scrapbooking stuff....and unless I start using some of it, I am going to have to STOP. Stop buying pretty paper. Stop buying yummy embellishments. Stop buying stamps. Stop buying ribbon. Heaven forbid!

With that ominous thought in my mind, I grabbed some photos and made a layout!

The Great Fish Rescue was a story that had to be told. There's an insert going in to my Project Life album about it, but I also wanted a seperate page.

My kids have started calling me The Crazy Fish Lady, because I do SO love my fish!

In other news, we have spent most of the day (in between haircuts and birthday parties and phone calls and such) moving things around in our house. We took delivery of some new pieces of furniture, and the girls could not wait to test this little beauty out...

I was a bit sad to say goodbye to our old sofa...we have had it since before we were married (and that was 17 years last week!) ...but oh my, how I love our new red sofa! Squuuueeeeeaaaalllll! I can see many hours of stitching ahead of me, sitting in that very sofa. Love :)

TTFN xxx


Tracey said...

Hello sweet friend, OMG I can hear you squealing from here. Love that red couch, do you need a stitching pal to sit beside you wink, wink.
love me :-)

Hope said...

Just a few more fish than you intended, huh?

Well done on cleaning your craft room. I'm glad it resulted in a layout. I'd better get hopping and clean mine up too. I'm all out of chocolate though :(

Suzanne said...

I can totally relate, however for me I have put the purchase of fabric on hold, over pretty papers until I use all my fabric, ouch its sad isn't it when we have to think about stopping our obsessions for pretty things. In the next week or two I may change this though.