Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week Seven

Playing catch-up with my Project Life at the's a bit scary when I get behind, I have to say :) I had visions of it getting away from me, of getting so far behind that I'd give up on it totally, of not having enough to fill a two-page spread (you may remember I've been slacking off with the photos a bit lately...oops!).

I DO over-think these things sometimes :)

So here is Week 7...

I challenged myself to use only the paper from the Project Life kit for this week, because let's face it...if I don't start using it, I am going to end up with another stack of stuff in my cupboard at the end of the year. And we don't want that ;)

I made up for the lack of photos by printing a few bits from the net, like the Packed to the Rafters picture and the netball club logo.

I also cheated a bit, and used a shot of the car dashboard that I had taken during Week 8. It fitted my story for this week!

All photos for this week were printed on my home printer because I didn't have time to get organised. It's not ideal (more expensive, lots more procrastinating when deciding sizes etc) but works in an emergency :) I've managed to print Week 8's today while out grocery shopping, so I'm hoping to get onto that this weekend.

How is your Project Life coming along? Leave me a comment so I can pop over to check it out...pretty please?

TTFN xxx


Jill said...

Great pages! I'm really liking this PL project of yours. Oh my, and I totally understand that fear of having another stack in the cupboard-- I have that same fear at times. It's crazy how it can all accumulate, isn't it?!
PS: I love those shoes!!! So cute!

Hope said...

Wow. Great week of stories. X