Monday, June 11, 2012

Itty Bitty Patchwork

 My friend Hope has been making teeny tiny, itty bitty patchwork blocks for a while now. They are the cutest things! She was inspired by the full size Farmers Wife blocks...which are all of 6 sqaure inches when create mini versions using the leftover pieces of fabric. Genius!

While I have admired them on Instagram and over on her blog, the thought had never crossed my mind to make any myself, because let's face it, the full size ones pretty much do my head in :) I may have even called her, well, crazy.

Hope has the last laugh though, because while constructing the June blocks for my Some Kind of Wonderful, I discovered I had to make my OWN little minis for the Sewing Block.

 Just look at the size of that! Is it not the cutest thing ever?

And mini log cabins...get outta here! To my surprise, I found making them even?...and found my mind wandering to what cute projects I could make with such fun, itty bitty blocks!


(sorry did warn me they were addictive LOL)

TTFN xxx


Tracey said...

OMG how can such little things be fun???? I am really not looking forward to this block, you know how tiny does my head in.
Love me :-)

Jill said...

Well you know I love tiny things--and those are adorable!!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

They are so cute. I did find that sewing these blocks was the best bit of the sewing block ...... I dod not enjoy making the sewing block but once I got past it I was on a roll! Enjoy and have fun. Hugs

Hope said...

Hehe - you'll have baby blocks all over the place if the addiction takes hold! It probably IS crazy, but a very understandable crazy, yes? ;)

Oddly enough, I think they are a bit easier than the big blocks. And as you say, relaxing, exciting, and definitely fun!

Linda said...

They are so cute, love the log cabin- its my all time favourite block.

Kate-Show and Tell said...

They are so cute....Aren't they....I must say i was glad when mine were finished....Lol

Anthea said...

OMG my clumpy fingers would never be able to create such yumminess! They are adorable - ah Hope, she created a mini-making monster! ♥