Sunday, June 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 21

Some Project Life weeks are more daunting than others :)

I've sat on Week 21 for longer than usual, knowing that I didn't have many photos...knowing that I wanted to scrap it in purple (not exactly my go-to colour)...knowing that it included my trip to Sydney to see Prince and not really knowing where to start!

I dived headlong into my stash looking for purple...and not sure that I would find any! Quite by accident (literally!), I found several sheets of Kaisercrafts La Di Da Collection. If you've been reading my blog for quite a while, you may remember my youngest child had an unfortunate paint accident in a local scrapbooking shop, which resulted in me having to buy LOTS of paint-smeared paper :)

That paper collection is not only purple (because you couldn't scrap a Prince concert in any colour but purple!) but is covered in birds which look suspiciously like doves (Prince's song, When Doves Cry? You still with me?)

Problem solved!

 All of these photos are from my iPhone, as I didn't take my big camera to Sydney with me....I'm still amazed with the photo quality that the iPhone 4S gives me!

 When I started to write the journaling, I realised that most of what I wanted to say about the concert was already in my blog post from that I printed the pages straight from the blog, adhered them to some more La Di Da paper, and included them as an insert. Too easy!

 I did a quick Google search, and was thrilled to find the setlist from the concert that I cool is that? Now I can relive the night, song by song, any time I want to...YAY!

And that was Week 21....and the last of the La Di Da Collection from my stash. Do you ever get the feeling that some little accidents happen for a reason?

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Oh yeah I remember that. Obviously it happened for a reason. Great pages, all documented to keep forever.

Jill said...

These pages are so great!! I loved your post about the concert, and I love how you were able to mix it into your pages. Those will be so fun to look at for years to come. Oh, and I love the purple finger nails!

Hope said...

Yay! What a great week to have. Love all the purple. I remember the paint incident - glad it had a happy ending!

Has it been good hoodie weather?