Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Week Twelve

Hello Project Life Week 12...and hello being back in the swing of making these pages in a timely fashion :)

I did this one a little differently to my usual, because I had a few extra pockets to fill up. You know that feeling of having a few too many photos for a standard double spread, but maybe not quite enough for an insert? That's where I found myself this week ;)

 I really wanted to use the 4x6 quote card down there in the corner, so added "Week 12" to a photo, and marked the weeks' inclusive dates on the 3x4 calendar card.

I've put white card behind the insert, so you can get an idea of how it all looks. The first page plus insert are of Lydia's birthday party photos, then you  turn over the insert for the rest of the week (are you with me? LOL)

I've used mainly Echo Park Photo Freedom goodies for Week 12, along with some Echo Park Dots and Stripes (yes...I still have lots!)

Speaking of dots, I've been after a couple of new albums for my 2013 PL pages, and came across these in Spotlight today...

...hello perfection! It was all I could do not to buy their entire stock of them :)

As I placed the albums on the counter, along with some red polkadot fabric and some red polkadot serviettes (what can I say...I was running low!) , and reached into my red polkadot wallet for the payment while holding my red polkadot key fob, it occurred to me that I just may have a little problem. You think? LOL

Have a positively polkadottie day!

TTFN xxx


laurajane said...

Another lovely page.xx

Hope said...

There are worse problems you could have. :)

Another great spread. Works well with the insert.

dawn said...

OMG Susan, I'm laughing so hard at your polka-dot story, haha!! You are too funny girl and maybe you have a small promblem with dots but like Hope says it could be worse. haha!! Enjoy the dots I say!!

Awesome week!! I love the title card on a photo, that is always fun! Great insert for the bday photos! I love all the bday photos and filler cards you used in this week!
Wow that son of yours cooks and does pottery, he is a keeper!
Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your meter/vandalism again, how awful. Please please be careful and extra safe. Have you noticed it with any other neighbors too or just yours? I would notify the police and maybe they can make extra rounds at night to keep look out.
Love the beach picutres, how nice to have a family night out.
How fun that light out/Earth hour is, love that. Is it only that one day a year?
We do have a NO TV week coming up at the end of April adn we try to do that each year.
So glad your caught up and it was a smooth week for you.

p.s. saw your comment that you started with CM too, my how things have changed since then.
Have a great day!