Sunday, June 23, 2013

12 Months of Christmas...the next instalment ;)

Hello, and happy Sunday to you!

I've had a few emails recently about the 12 Months of Christmas project, and thought I had better let you know what's next!

The project for June (for Linda, Tracey and I) was to finish off our Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the Month, as we knew if we didn't schedule it...well, it may just not get done :) Thankfully, I put the last stitches on the quilt top earlier in the week, and have dropped it to the quilters....phew!  For you (if you don't have a MBOM to finish off) it was a free choice month...what did you go for?

For those papercrafters amongst you, you will be relieved to know that the next couple of months are all about paper!

At Linda's request, we are starting our Christmas cards in is THAT for being super organised? If you're a papercrafter, that will mean making your prototype and starting the production line...or perhaps making those special one-of-a-kind cards...or preparing your Christmas card list at least :)

August is all about tags and wrappings...perhaps tying in with your Christmas card design to get a theme happening? Or coming up with different tags for different people? The choice is entirely yours, but I can't wait to see what you create :)

September is a catch-up month, since all three of us have holidays planned in this month :) If I have spare time, I'll be working on my advent calendar that was supposed to be made in May (oops!)

October is the month to create a Christmas gift for someone special, possibly inspired by something gorgeous you've pinned on Pinterest and have always wanted to make... paper, fabric or something totally different  ;) My plan is to prepare a photo album for my in-laws...I've been doing this for them for years, but they don't always receive it at Christmas...ooops again! (this year it was more an Easter gift LOL).

November is all about Christmas preparation, to ease the pressure in that busy month of December. It is the month to prepare your advent calendars (this will probably take Tracey the entire month LOL...she's a BIG advent calendar fan!), start preparing the bones of your December Daily album if that's your thing...or Journal Your Christmas album if that's more your thing (more details on both these projects closer to the time), and dig out all the fantastic Christmas goodies you've created through the year and start decorating!

December? Well, that's the time to eat, drink and be merry ;)

So there's your plan of action...will that keep you busy for the next few months, do you think? I know it will me!

TTFN xxx


dawn said...

WOW, how awesome to have all these planned out now till Christmas!! I need to get moving on my Christmas projects. Having my cards made early would be the best, hoping for homemade again this year. Thanks for sharing all this and reminding me to get started on my projects. Have fun!!

Linda said...

Well i am behind on every month so far but i am thinking of designs for cards.

Hope said...

Now there's a good plan! Maybe if I start on cards now I'll actually send some this year ;)

Anthea said...

Suzi,I think you need to stop being so disorganised and plan some crafting, LOL.
Enjoy! x