Monday, June 24, 2013

Special friends and washi tape

We had the pleasure of attending the 21st birthday celebrations of a very special friend on the weekend...a girl that we have watched grow from a caring, beautiful teenager into a gorgeous young woman with a kind heart and generous spirit. Her parents should be so proud of her!

Making a card for her was always going to be a challenge...her Mum is a cardmaker! So I took a deep breath, pulled out my Cuttlebug, and went with white-on-white simplicity.

The rosette was from a pack by Amy Tangerine, but I altered it with a punched circle and chipboard numbers to refelect the occasion. The pearls and ribbon finished it off just nicely, without adding too much fuss!

With that pressure off, I fell straight back into my washi-tape comfort zone :) A friend had texted me earlier in the day with a photo of a washi tape card that she had been inspired to make from my blog (how cool is that?), which of course inspired me all over again...don't you love the way that works!

 This time though, I stepped it up a bit (LOL) and matched my washi tape to some pretty ribbons that I'd been hoarding.

Playing with the colour combinations really makes me happy...the inks, the enamel dots, the rolls of tape.  These cards are so ridiculously quick to put together, and provide instant gratification to a time-starved and usually uninspired cardmaker like me ;)

Have you given washi tape cards a whirl yet? If you haven't, you really should....the combinations are endless, and it's a great excuse to stock up!

TTFN xxx


laurajane said...

Beautiful cards,Im a big fan of washi tape myself.x

Hope said...

Gorgeous cards! Love, love, love :)

dawn said...

The "21" card is gorgeous, I love white on white. Great job Susan!!

The other cards are so bright and fun!! I love this idea, working on one now. Instead of washi tape though I'm using up scraps of paper. Have some questions for you about it...
1. how did you know how many srips will fit across?
2. Isn't it hard to get the tape down just right, even my scraps are a little crooked?
3. I had to keep trimming mine smaller to fit? I don't have premade cards either, just using cardstock. Do you use cards or cardstock?
Thanks for any help you can give me on this. I LOVE LOVE this idea and each card look amazing and sweet. So awesome that you inspired a friend to make a card like yours. I'm inspired also. Working on this for my SOC this week.
Way to go on having your cards checked off for the month!

Linda said...

Your card was beautiful and going in to the PL album although i would love to rip of that amy tan rosette and repurpose it. Good to see your washi is getting a use.