Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Life 2013 - Weeks 21, 22 and 23

Hello again :)

Wow. Time really did get away from me, didn't it? Three weeks worth of Project Life to show you, plus another one that will be finished in the next couple of days...and an album almost full too ;)

For week 21, I used some pieces out of Echo Park's Here and Now collection...mainly because I LOVE those cute little multi-coloured cameras above ;)

I've been keeping up with putting the pages together fairly well this year, but my photo taking is still not quite up to speed...I don't take nearly as many as I want to. I do find though, that a lack of photos at the end of a week makes me look around and capture more details, even if there is no corresponding photo.

Week 22 was a bit like that...

 ...but that's ok because I had my son write out his exam schedule, and now I have a record of his handwriting in my album ;) I used bits and pieces from Simple Stories 24/Seven for this spread...I forgot how much I love the colours in that collection!

Week 23 is made up of all sorts of papers and embellishments!

 For this week I had my older daughter journal about her excursion to Perth Zoo, and got a little creative to fill up some of the other 3x4 pockets...more photos would have come in handy here ;)

So that gets us up to Week 24, which is sitting on my desk right now....wooohoooo!

I'm off to sit in front of the heater to warm up a bit...it's SO chilly in Perth today!

Have a great afternoon

TTFN xxx


dawn said...

Hi Susan,
How awesome all 3 weeks look, you should be so proud!! I think you and Linda/Tracey fill up your little pockets so well. So fun to see what you will put in them and even the little pictures looks good. You had plenty of stories even without the photos.
Is it a pet that you lost and can't visit now? Could only make out some of the writing. HUGS FOR YOU THIS DAY, I know that must be tough.
Love seeing your different pictures about your quilting too.
How sweet that you had the kids do the writing too, I need to do this.
Great job keeping up Susan, loved seeing these pages and can't wait to see this week's.
I'm enjoying my new PL too!
Have a great day!

Sandi said...

Hi Suzi, Is there a list somewhere on your blog for the 12 Month of Christmas - I think I am up to date now and was wondering what was next? Thanks....ps..love the P.L - I would love to have time to do one of these - maybe next year...

Anthea said...

Love the idea of using a card with your son's handwriting on it - very neat writing for a boy!
Gosh, week 24?! you are reminding me of how quickly the year is flying by...

Helen said...

Wow ,you have put together a great blog and your ideas give inspiration to others,well done......

Hope said...

What a mix life throws in over the three weeks. Beautifully documented. Hugs x x