Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Foxley Village

Tilda fabrics by Tone Finnegar became my obsession at around this time last year 😀

Prior to the release of the Pardon My Garden and Spring Diaries collections, I only had a passing interest in the fabrics...I liked them, but not enough to buy more than a random fat quarter here and there. As soon as I saw the new collections, though, I was hooked!

Candy pink, turquoise, oranges and greens, all in the most delicious little prints...I couldn't resist!
Unlike most fabric that I buy, I felt the need to cut into it immediately. This was about the time that the Homespun magazine Block Of the Month was released...Foxley Village by Natalie Bird. Her version was made in two previous Tilda ranges, but the oranges in Spring Diaries were all kinds of perfect for a quilt with a fox as the focal point!

I didn't need much convincing to bite into yet another BIG project.

Totally in love with the large scale blue floral... I featured it in Block One.

 Block Two saw the first appearance of the adorable fox, sitting on top of the Tea Shoppe...WAY TOO CUTE!

After auditioning a few different colours for the cat, I went with black polkadots (SURPRISE!) A project of mine is just not complete without polkadots :) and he stands out quite well amongst all those busy florals.

Block Three took a little longer...satin stitch is a bit more time consuming, but well worth the effort.

The middle block (Block Four) is one that I played with quite a bit before settling on the final colours...it's the centre of the quilt, and really needed to pull all the colours together.

Right now I'm putting a few finishing touches to Block Five, and have cut out Block Six ready for stitching and assembling.

Only ten parts to the whole quilt, so I'm really hoping to see a finish on this one in the next couple of months....unless I get distracted with all the other projects I have in progress ;)

Are you working on Foxley Village too? I'd love to see what you're up to, especially if you've finished!

Have a great day

Susan :)


Hope said...

They are pretty fabrics, and your blocks are looking lovely! Looking forward to seeing more, and seeing the whole lot put together.

Would you believe I haven't bought fabric for at least... 9 or 10 months? :)

Helen said...

I agree they are so pretty, your blocks looks are looking great can't wait to see more and the whole quilt finished :)