Friday, February 10, 2017

Pixie Stars

Another finish for my Year of Small Projects, and the first for #2017sewingbookchallenge...YAY!

As I outlined before, the idea behind the challenge is to make things from your craft books, instead of just collecting them (oops...guilty!)  I chose a Tilda book (since that is my current obsession) but totally balked at actually cutting Tilda fabric for a small's so precious!

The cushion matches a single bed quilt, but I wasn't feeling quite that adventurous.

As it happened, it turned out to be more the size of a European pillow than a cushion! The fabric is Pixie Noel by Tasha Noel, and it was very VERY hard restraining myself to only red and green. The navy and aqua prints are just gorgeous.

I find Tilda instructions a bit tricky to follow, and there wasn't much in the way of finishing instructions, so I just winged it. I made some striped piping out of the co-ordinating red/green stripe, which finished it off nicely....reminds me of candy canes :)

I possibly made it more time-consuming than it needed to be by layering and quilting the cushion top, but the texture was totally worth it!

The characters in this fabric are way too cute! If you look carefully at the finished cushion, you'll see I've also fussy cut lots of little kissing rabbits for the small green squares :)

 It's going to be hard putting this one away until next Christmas....but that's what you get when you make Christmas projects so early in the year I guess!

The dogs hardly batted an eyelid while I was taking the's a hard life!

Have a great day, and thanks for popping in.

Susan xxx


Hope said...

It is an adorable cushion, I just love your fussy-cutting and the piped finish.

I like to quilt my cushion covers to give extra sturdiness. The ones I haven't quilted have warped out of shape with use as the seams have been pulled on. And yes, the texture quilting gives is lovely to have.

Congratulations on another finish :)

Sheryl said...

Love your cushion, such a great classic design with the most gorgeous Christmas fabric, those kissing rabbits are very cute.... the binding looks great with the striped fabric too, good idea finishing Christmas projects this time of the year....

Chookyblue...... said...

Beautiful......just caught up on all your posts and great to see you back posting.....and sewing..... Nice table runner to....