Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tilda Bunny

The internet is full of great FREE patterns. 

In fact, you could almost type in any article that you'd like to make, and you'll probably find a freebie (and possibly a YouTube video) showing you how to make it :)

The Tilda website is one of my favourites....not surprisingly 😉  Not only does it have the latest Tilda catalogue to swoon over, but there are lots of free patterns for quilts, soft toys, and other bits and pieces. Well worth a look!

This precious little bunny is a free pattern, and was quite a simple (but very fiddly) little project to make. Yes, she is sitting inside an actual eggshell inside an actual eggcup.

My plan was to make several to give away as small gifts at Easter, but after making just two of those teeny, tiny ears I will definitely be re-thinking that!


Susan xxx


Sheryl said...

Cute rabbit... I have made things with little fiddly bits and yes they are a one of....

Anthea said...

What's this? Another blog post?! You're on a roll Suzi!
What a darling little bunny... & indeed so small... you've done a great job on it, including those fiddliest of ears xx

Hope said...

It is a very cute little rabbit, and I don't blame you for not wanting to make more - turning anything is a pain, but tiny things are awful! A sweet little make though :)