Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to normal programming...

When school holidays are happening, I keep my expectations of what I am going to achieve "craft wise" fairly low. With all the rush and bustle of Christmas thrown in, it's fair to say that any stitching I can manage is a bonus.

Let's just say, there was no "Christmas bonus" last year LOL! I haven't even looked at my stitching bin since late last year...

..and boy, is it in a mess! Threads, unfinished projects, crumpled patterns, shells from our holiday (!!!) , even a Christmas gift tag were floating around in there! And right at the very bottom, there was my poor, sad little Christmas block...

...the Kitchen Angel. So I got to work and finished her off. And yes, that is another little plum pudding on her tea trolley :)

This completed block puts me almost halfway, I think. I probably should post a pic of all the blocks, just to refresh your has been a while!
I have also recieved an award/tag from the lovely and super-talented Chris Millar...

And this is how it goes...
1. Say one nice thing to the man in your life.
I think I'll save this for when I see him in person :)
2. List at least 6 ways that you measure success in your life. how happy my days are how content my kids are how full my heart is how peaceful I feel how close I am to achieving my goals and how much I learn
3. Assign 5 other blogs this award.
You will find links to these blogs in my sidebar :)
Linda (texmorg)
Sonya (TM)
Tracey (TM)
Tracey (Scrapsidaisy)
Kristy (Scrapsidaisy) ....congratulations girls!
Have a great day
TTFN xxx


texmorg said...

Awww Gee Thanks. Lucky you getting back into your patchwork. You did alright with scrapbook LO's during the holidays. If that was your quiet time heaven help us.As you can tell by the lack of activity on my blog I am a wee bit tired but I have been doing some scrapping just haven't got around to photographing it and putting it on the blog.
How's Merryn going?

Chris Millar said...

You're so clever with your sewing Suzi!!! Love your Strawberry Sweet layout in the below post too! Thanks for doing the tag/award!!!

Suzanne said...

Your block is beautiful, cant wait to see them all together.

Congratulations on your tag, it was fun to read.

Janellybelly said...

Is that a 'Mum's Moments' Pattern? I think I have that in my home somewhere too - I must dust it off & get to it!