Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Birthdays and addictions.

Today is a very special day.

My one and only sister is celebrating a milestone birthday, and since I don't have any current photos to post, I thought I would give her a little trip down memory lane...

Ah, the good old days :)
Hope you have a wonderful birthday Leisa, full of joy and special surprises xxx

This is one of the pressies that she opened this morning..

I made this bag from a pattern called Thelma's Day Out by Janelle Wind, and was thrilled with the finished result. So much so that I had a hard time parting with it :)

The fabric is by Amy Butler, who also designs scrapbooking papers...couldn't resist...and the buckle is divine...love love love it! Hope to make myself one some time soon ;)
Unfortunately (wink), playing with fabric has stirred an old addiction in me...fabric purchasing. I went into a quilt shop yesterday to buy some pellon for my Christmas Belles quilt, and found myself stacking bolts of fabric on the counter...oh dear...and before I knew it, I was walking out with this...

How fresh are these colours! I have them sitting beside me, begging me to make a start on the Little Bluebirds pattern that I showed you a few days ago.
I must resist...I must resist...I must resist....


Leisa from Scrapsidaisy said...

OMG!! Talk about a trip down memory lane! What a shocker! Thanks for that Susan...NOT!!! BTW I do LOVE my bag and feel very special that you DID part with it. People, this girl can SEW - wow - it's all so NEAT and so gorgeous! The bag is hanging on my hat rack in my bedroom already but I will take it out to town occasionally to show off. Thanks - you made my day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday again Leisa !! It looks like you took the straw out of the glass...was it making consumption too slow????

Gorgeous bag, Leisa is very lucky indeed.

Love your crafting projects Suze.

Debbie K

Chris Millar said...

WOWSERS!! That bag is gorgeous Suzi!!! Can I be your sister too???!!LOL What a lucky girl Leisa is!!! You're so clever Suzi!
Now you'll have to fill me in on the milestone bit? Is it Leisa's 21st?

texmorg said...

What a great bag that is/was, simply stunning.
Happy birthday to your sister.
What fabric shop did you go to?

Jenni said...

oooh. I really like that bag. Looks gorgeous, and well made too!

Kirsty said...

en a long time...that bag is DIVINE!!!!!!!!!! might have to borrow the pattern one day or better still get you make me one!!