Monday, September 20, 2010

A Frilly Little Secret :)

There is always a certain element of danger in making a gift for someone, especially when the recipient knows what you are planning to make for her.

There's the danger that it won't turn out (and that it will be abandoned into the UFO pile forever)...

or that you'll run out of something vital and can't finish it...

or the most common danger of all...

...that you'll love it so much that you can't bear to give it away :)

I've had this Frilly Dilly bag planned in my head for so long...the fabrics have been in my possession for ages....and with my best friends birthday coming up, I knew it would be the perfect gift for her (she has a major bag obsession LOL).

I just hadn't counted on how lovely the Amy Butler LOVE fabrics would look together...or how hard it would be to gift-wrap it...sigh.

I know, I know... I could make myself one. But then we would be matching, which might just be a bit uncool.

My youngest thought it looked pretty special on her, too :)
Maybe I'll have to be content with making a journal cover out of the scraps...LOL
TTFN xxx
P.S. Love you Fi...are you sure you wouldn't prefer a blue bag? xxx


Chookyblue...... said...

love the frilly dilly bag.........hope your friend hates it so you get to keep it..........LOL

Kerri said...

How cute is that bag. And your daughter is gorgeous. The bag suit her. You must keep it for her. lol

smileykylie said...

The Frilly Dilly bag is so gorgeous, I can see how it will be very hard to part with :)
I am having dinner at Kylie's tonight, home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you next week.
Love Janelle xx

Linda said...

As you know my birthday is in MAY so that will give you plenty of time to whip one up for me.
It's gorgeous Susan, i love it.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

No wonder you can't bear to part with it!! Your friend is going to adore it. The Love fabric looks amazing with the brown background.

Tracey said...

... and my birthday is in February so you have heaps of time. Oh and I don't mind what colour LOL.
love me :-)