Friday, November 19, 2010

How early is too early?

I'm a traditional sort of girl...

...Christmas tree goes up on December 1st, Christmas cards go out in the first week of December...that sort of thing. I have to admit, though, I am fighting the urge to put up my Christmas decorations early on a daily basis :)

The displays at the shopping centres are not helping at all. I spied this wreath several weeks ago at Myer, but gave in to temptation yesterday...and it makes me very very happy. The bells make the most magical, tinkling sound...just how I imagine Santa's sleigh would sound. Sigh...I love Christmas :) early is too early to put up the Christmas decorations, do you think? Have you given in to temptation yet?
TTFN xxx


Nelbel said...

I am going to put mine up this w/e!! Christmas starts when you begin to feel Christmasy, well, in my book anyway!!!!

Linda said...

I'm traditional like you it always goes up on the first no matter what day it is or what we are doing although this year we may struggle a bit. Will have to tell Pina that you made a purchase in Myers. Andrew and i have been haunting the christmas hampers section ever since they put it up.

Tracey said...

I usually put mine up on the 1st, regardless of what we are doing. But I must say when Christmas is in your heart its never too early.
love me :-)
Sorry the orders for DD closed ages ago, sorry you missed out LOL.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I love your wreath - it is no wonder you want to put it up! I usually wait for the first weekend in December to put up my tree.

Jill said...

I love Christmas too. I've been trying so hard not to pull out the decorations for about two weeks now. I've started a new tradition~ I decorate for Christmas a couple days before I leave for Thanksgiving weekend. That way, I can walk into Christmas House went I come home from Thanksgiving! I also load my car's cd player with Christmas cd's for the drive home. I'm a total Christmas nut. I just can't help myself!

mickey said...

I'm ready! DH is not! Lol! We'll probably start pulling stuff from the attic next weekend!

Cardygirl said...

LOL! You made me smile with your lovely jingl-y wreath. Put your decorations up when you like...mine make me smile too. I usually start decorating after Nov 25th to be ready for Dec 1. HoHoHo...have fun!

Merci-Notes said...

Oh MY! Growing up we found our tree about on my Mom's birthday, 15th of DEC! With a houseful of kids the excitement grew with songs being sung by the tree..
Now, after Thanksgiving it starts with outdoor lights and builds from there quickly! I like this so we can enjoy this special time even more!


K-Sue said...

Love the wreath colors!

Here in US, Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday of November gives us a natural break between the fall season and the Christmas season. I usually work toward really starting decorating the first weekend of December, unless some Christmas party or other is coming up the first weekend - then I just work in the panic mode, hoping candlelight covers the lack of vacuuming!