Saturday, April 2, 2011

A reshuffle.

It seems that a bit of a reshuffle of my blog sidebar is required...the to-do list bit in particular :) My public to-do list is working well...don't get me wrong. It's allowing me to focus on what I'd like to achieve each month, and I am actually ticking some things off now and then...which is a great thing! I was moving my monthly to-do list to the bottom of my sidebar at the end of each month, to make room for the new one...completed or not. Unfortunately, out of sight meant out of mind. The incomplete bits were getting put to the side to start on the new months projects, never to be picked up again (perhaps). So I've done a little reshuffle...and made a new resolve. No moving of the to-do lists until they are complete!

A good plan :)

TTFN xxx

P.S. How is your crafting to-do list going so far this year ...are you getting much done?


Tracey said...

My to do list just keeps going. I cross things off but then I add new things. But it does help you keep focused.
Right now doing block 3 of our quilt, man this is a big one and tough getting the needle through all those layers. I will keep going though.
Love me :-)
Have you checked out Sweetwaters new fabric mmmmmmmm yum!

Linda said...

No to do list for me it would be to long and i would get to tetchy (now theres a word) trying to get to then end of it. (is it a word or one i made up)
and yes have you checked out hometown-R E D , Dots yummmmmmoo am so ordering a layer cake of that.

Chookyblue...... said...

goodluck with your lists........

Cardygirl said...

Your list looks great! To do...I need to do a to do list! i will follow your keep calm & carry on advice I think!

Hope said...

Looks like you need to get into the papercrafts again, going by your undone items. :)

My to do list is kind of non-existent, but I have this weekend finished a tea cosy I started a while ago, and have just about finished binding a quilt I started maybe 2 years ago. I quilted it all last weekend. Pleased to be crafting again. Has been a while.

Off to check out your other posts. Been a while there too.

K-Sue said...

I like the idea of a "Ta-da! list" instead of To Do list. I'm afraid to post an actually list that I update. You've been getting some things done though - well done!