Sunday, May 22, 2011

Florals and polkadots

It's been on my mind ...that the month of May is ticking over, and that my Sweetwater Label Crew project for this month has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks, and that the new Label Crew project has also arrived and is sitting on my desk, and that I really really don't want these Label Crew projects to start building up! Phew...that's a lot on my mind!

So I decided to take the plunge...cut some fabric...make a start.

And wouldn't you know it? My old friend momentum kicked in, and all of a sudden my project was finished!

The original fabrics that I had chosen were a lot more...ummm...understated than these, but my polkadot obsession sorta kicked in too (as it often does) and it turned out quite bright (as it often does). Think I might have to keep this apron for myself :)

Thanks for all your comments and encourage for my sweet Lydia, and her charm pack purchase at the Craft Fair. She really couldn't wait to make a start, so before breakfast, and before getting out of her pyjamas this morning, she started playing around with the layout of her squares.

And then she started some stitching of those squares...

...and before she knew it, she had a quilt top! Now she is pestering for a trip into the shops to buy some backing and batting and border fabrics...I may have created a monster :)

The fabric she has used is Girlie Girl by Cheri L Strole for Moda, and she is now thinking, rather than a quilt for her dolls, that she may have to add some wide borders and keep it for her own use...fair enough, I think!

Happy Sunday

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Way to go Lydia, keep adding to it i say, make it big enough for your own bed.
Your apron looks gorgeous of course you must bring/wear it on our next label crew night, i'll even leave you the dishes so you have a purpose to wear it!

Cardygirl said...

Love your spotty creations and how wonderful is creative Lydia! Well done!

Tracey said...

Love the aprong and I am so jealous. Must find time to make mine. I am so proud of you miss Lydia, what a fantastic job you have done but I agree make it bigger that way you can snuggle under.
love me :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking good. Love the photos :)

Suzanne said...

Oh wow you have accomplished so much keep enjoying your sewing.

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Suz~
I just love everything in this post! Your apron turned out great!! I love it, I haven't made mine, I'm kinda thinking that I might skip that project, I LOVE aprons, but they never fit across my...ahem... boobies. Eeeek! I can't believe I just put that on the web!! Well, anyway yours looks great, I adore the fabrics you chose. I smiled SO big seeing your girl there at the table, still in jammies planning her quilt, what a great monster to create!! Now you'll have a partner in crime!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your little girl is a doll and her quilt top is so pretty! The apron is gorgeous! what pattern did you use?