Sunday, May 29, 2011

Waiting (very patiently) for love :)

It's just not happening...that wonderful feeling of love that usually overwhelms me when I get partway into a project. That feeling of pride, and the love of the texture, and the coming-together-of-the-colours -thing that keeps me stitching.

It's just not happening.

And try as I might, I can't seem to make it happen.

It's my "A Family Gathering" quilt project that I'm referring to :) So far, it just hasn't grabbed me. Yesterday, on a visit to a quilt shop (to buy some border fabric...very innocent!) ) I even contemplated abandoning my stitching thus far, and starting all over again with a new fat quarter bundle...which I bought...and then felt the guilt before I even got to the car!

Surely the original version deserves another try? Surely one day soon, the love seed will sprout and I will start to regard this project with a little more...fondness? Surely a whole fat quarter bundle should not be abandoned, in favour of another, so...recklessly?

With these thoughts swirling around in my head (as well as the fact that my May deadline for this block is just 2 days away) I once again put needle to fabric.

Now... to keep the momentum going...and hope that the love finds me soon LOL!

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the modern Christmas colours in this project. Hope you start to feel the love soon - with all the time and effort you are putting in, it deserves to be well loved:)
BTW what new FQ bundle did you get?

Linda said...

Keep going, it looks good, although as i know you if the love is not there you had better scrap it and do something fresh as this will be left in your basket-unfinished.

Jan Quigley said...

It looks great, you will love it. :-) I bought the book at the Melbourne quilt show a few weeks back & I'm still umming & ahhing over what fabrics I will use. Definitely modern, fresh ones. Can you incorporate the new fabrics into the quilt with the old?

Tracey said...

Please keep going, it looks fantastic.
I love it if that helps.
Love me :-)

Jill said...

You've gotten so far~ I hope you can finish it, or maybe let one of your quilting friends finish it? It just makes me sad that all that beautiful work might go unfinished... It really is an adorable quilt! Hang in there!

Jenni said...

Like any love affair, it takes a lot of time and patience!!!
I'm sure it will look fabulous once finished.

Farm Girl said...

I think it looks fabulous, but if you're not feeling the love, maybe put it aside for a while and have another look at it in a month or two. This from the girl who puts everything aside to start something else. LOL

mickey said...

Please don't give it up; it looks lovely. Put it aside for a bit if you need to but don't write it off yet. I love the colors!

Tracey said...

It looks beautiful......I really love it, everyone else does too....maybe some of that love will rub off soon!