Saturday, June 25, 2011


The "3 Of Us" (Linda, Tracey and I )got together a couple of weekends ago to laugh, chat, eat, drink champagne, and make our monthly Sweetwater Label Crew project. I was a bit slack...I did the first four, but was totally NOT organised to work on my found myself with some homework to catch up on :)

I loved the Pure fabric that the sample was made in over on the Sweetwater blog, so ordered myself a kit.

No matching of fabrics required...

...although I did add the brown flower and button on the "marker" pouch, and used some fabric from my stash for the binding.

Love that I could personalize it with my matching name label!

I usually HATE doing the binding on any project, but may just have discovered my secret to happiness and binding satisfaction...dark coloured, patterned binding! It disguises any imperfections, and makes me soooo much happier with the final product. Expect to see this again LOL!

While I'm here, I must tell you about my boy.

My poor, sick boy. He has been struggling with the flu since returning from school camp earlier in the week, but has endured training each day since in order to compete at the West Australian State Championships this weekend. He won a gold, a silver and a bronze medal in the State competition today, but had to withdraw from the Elite Competition tonight. He has the UTA Championships bright and early in the morning, so we're hoping an early night might see him well enough to compete...he'll be so disappointed if he can't!

Fingers crossed :)

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Congratulations Riley!! What an amazing result. Hope he feels much brighter tomorrow - what a busy weekend of competitions!

Love your sewing holder:)

Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Suz,
Firstly, congratulations are in order for that handsome fella! Wooohooo!!! I hope he feels better soon, he'll be unstoppable!

I love your Sweetwater project! It came out great! I also bought the kit so it would be easy, but I haven't even started it yet, shame on me! I've been slack too, in a bit of a crafty quagmire lately. Gotta fix that. Not today though, I'm hosting a slumber party for 5 little girls today & tomorrow, so maybe next week! Wish me luck!

Tracey said...

Good luck Riley, I have everything crossed for you. Hope you feel better and knock their socks off.
love me :-)

Stacey said...

I love your sewing kit, it's beautiful! I had no idea you could buy kits... it seems you are opening up whole new worlds for me ;)

Congratulations, of course, on THREE medals for the mantelpiece - what amazing dedication!

Connie said...

Congrats to your son!
I love that little kit that you stitched up. It's really neat!

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

well done to the man!!! Hope he is feeling better... and yes your sweetwater project is fabulous!

Linda said...

Riley, congratulations-i hooe you had a good nights sleep and were well enough to compete the next day. We are very proud of you.

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Congrats first to Riley and secondly do love the sewing kits, very original - love it!

Rebecca Beattie said...

Oh I just love that it is adorable! Beautiful fabric too. Congrats to your boy - what a star! xx