Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday maths :)

Unfinished quilt count? 6 - 1 = 5

Yep...we are down to 5. Farmers Daughter, my rather long term quilting project, is now complete. It even has a quilt label :) I can't say that these are the colours that I would choose, should I be starting this project now, but that's ok. Completion is a good thing, right?

I wish I could show you some close-ups of the stippling...I'm rather proud of it, actually....but I'm having some issues with my new camera. My husband has suggested that these issues could possibly be very quickly overcome with a browse through the instruction manual...and he could quite possibly be right. But that's not really my thing :)

I figure if I wait long enough he'll come to my rescue... :)

TTFN xxx


Suzanne said...

Looks fantastic and I think its always the same our taste change a bit as we work on projects that we sometimes think why those colours or even those clothes.
I love completed projects so happy to see you make progress :)

Hope said...

Completion is a great thing, well done!

Linda said...

Susan i would be proud of that and the stippling looks awesome.
Yay 5 left
are we all catching up on the holidays?
and yes you should go read the instructions or downloand the manual

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

When done on another completion!! You are certainly gaining momentum now - keep it up! Reading my camera manual is on my list for the school holidays - must get it off manual!

Farm Girl said...

Your Farmers Daughter is fabulous ....well done!
I also have several half finished items in colours just like this ..... now that my tastes have changed so much I'm not sure they'll ever get finished.
Good luck with the camera. lol

Cardygirl said...

Great finish!

K-Sue said...

Well done!

Tracey said...

Just must be so happy!