Friday, August 5, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday-The Happy Days Edition

Did you ever watch Happy Days as a kid? It was one of my favourite shows...each weekday afternoon at 5:00pm I'd snuggle into a lounge chair, ready for my dose of 1950's idealised family far removed from my actual life :)
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I always pictured myself as Joanie...the little sister who was never grown up enough to do anything that Richie and his friends got up to...and if you ask my own sister, I was probably just as annoying LOL

So...why all the Happy Days memories, you may ask? Well, when I hit "play" on my CD player this morning in preparation for my morning Farmers Wife stitching, the CD started skipping...then the second disc started skipping, and then the third. In desperation, I hit the play button on the cassette deck, and what should start playing? The Everly Brothers. Nothing says "Happy Days" like the Everly you remember them? Bye Bye Love. Love Is Strange. Walk Right Back. Crying In The Rain. Classics, every single one of them :)

So it was with this soundtrack that I constructed my Farmers Wife blocks this week...

Birds In The Air...hmmm...lots of itty bitty pieces in this one. Just as well I was chilled out and happily immersed in my thoughts of Potsie, Ralph Malph and the Fonz!

Bouquet...totally the wrong colours in this photo, and all the tweaking in Photoshop just wouldn't make it better :) Try to imagine the stripes in bright pink, and the aqua as a nice fresh opposed to the muted colours you see on your screen :)

Now, what I really want to know now is...what song screams Happy Days
to you? Or better yet...what's your favourite Everly Brothers song?
Humour me :)

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Maybe thats where i got the words exactamoondo and perfectamoondo, from the Fonz.
Two more lovely blocks, i cant believe the difference in the colours.

mickey said...

"Wake Up Little Suzie"!

I did enjoy "Happy Days" as well, but, when I watched, they weren't afternoon re-runs! I remember giving up on the show when Ritchie left and they started bringing in odd characters to try to keep it alive. Chachi? Pinky Tuscadero? Blah.

Your blocks are lovely, BTW!

Hope said...

So funny - the song I had playing a couple of minutes ago was Bye Bye Love! Now it's Paint it Black.

Nothing screams Happy Days to me like Blueberry Hill. Oh, and Happy Days by Bill Haley and the Comets of course. :) Favourite Everly Brothers song is probably Wake Up Little Susie.

Blocks are looking good!