Saturday, August 6, 2011

He caught me... he does every year :)

I've been celebrating my husbands birthday with him for 19 years now, but somehow the "older woman" jokes just never get stale...according to him, anyway :)So it's always a good thing when August rolls around, and he catches up to me in age.

Such a momentous event as turning 40 deserved a hand-made card...

...if only due to guilt, because both of my girls made him a card, and were wondering why I hadn't done the same. Someone should really explain to these kids about missing mojo LOL

So Happy 40th Birthday to you, my honey...can't wait to celebrate with you when you fly home to me!

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope the Pool Boy has an awesome birthday! I am sure you will make up for it when he comes home.

We are off to dinner shortly to celebrate a birthday too.

Linda said...

Happy birthday Rob, you so deserve a home made card at least.....i wonder what Susan has planned?

Patricia said...

I found your blog on Bakercourt blog. Thought I would stop in and visit. Following you now.
I too am looking forward to catching up with my husband and he teases me also. My bday is Nov and his on Aug 24. Stop by sometimes.

Patricia aka Mamaw

Sewandthecity said...

Love the card! I will be making one for my husband in a couple of months.