Friday, August 12, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday- The Tangled Edition

I have one of my little chickies off school today...poor little girl woke up crying and complaining of headaches, so we thought it best that she spend the day resting on the lounge. It wasn't long before she requested a movie...
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...have you seen Tangled? It is her absolute favourite right now, watched over and over again. I have to admit, I've watched it more than once myself :) We love the story, the animation is wonderful, and there are a couple of very clever one-liners that make me laugh every single time :) A fantastic family movie.

While she was watching, I snuck out my Farmers Wife fabrics and made a couple of little blocks...I don't think she even noticed!

The theme this week seemed to be "broken". First up is Broken Dishes...
...otherwise known as Block 11, and Broken Sugar Bowl, which is Block number 12.

My pile is growing bigger...

...AND I have less than 100 blocks to go :) LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!

TTFN xxx

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Linda said...

Oh yes your little pile is growing. I hooe that the "little one" is feeling better.