Monday, August 29, 2011

Sumo wrestling and lawn bowling :)

You know you've had a busy weekend when all you want to do on Monday is sit about on the lounge and recover :) We seem to have had a run on birthday parties lately, and our weekend was filled with lots of fun celebrations!

Saturday night saw the family facing off in a sumo wrestling match... funny are these sumo suits? Watching my husband jump around doing somersaults had us all in fits of laughter, and I think Riley may have been the overall winner, judging by this photo, anyway :) Thanks Jo, for such a wonderful idea to celebrate your 40th! We had a ball!

Sunday saw us up bright and early to drop Lydia to an ice-skating birthday party, and then we all ventured onto the next one...
...a leisurely afternoon of lawn bowling to celebrate Andy's 40th :) It was a perfect afternoon for it...

...the kids had a wonderful time, catching up with friends, sipping on "fire-engines" and eating icy poles, while the adults BBQ-ed and drank champagne...such a hard life!

I wonder if all that exercise made up for the slices of birthday cake we ate? Hmmmm...probably not.

Have a great Monday

TTFN xxx


Bev C said...

Summo wrestling looks like a lot of fun.
No wonder you wanted to just veg out today.
Happy days.

Linda said...

and i was so looking forward to a photo of you in a sumo suit.. great photos will make lovely scrapbook pages!

Farm Girl said...

What a weekend. I'm sure you earned all the cake - it's not a birthday party without cake!

Janellybelly said...

Great action shot of the pool boy; & there's always room for cake ;)