Saturday, October 29, 2011

BOO to You...times two!

Halloween is not a really big deal here in my little part of the world. I guess you could say it's an optional can dress up and go trick-or-treating if you'd like to, but no-one is going to hold it against you if you don't :)

As a family, we usually play it by ear. If the kids are keen on the day, we have enough props and costumes in our dress-up box to assemble some acceptable attire, and enough goodies in our pantry to cater for the little ghoulies that come knocking on our door :)

This year, though, we have been invited to several Halloween parties between us, which is good enough reason for me to whip out the sewing machine to create my Label Crew project for this month.

Lydia had a party last night, so I made up this bag for her to take. She was very took less than an hour to construct, and was just big enough to carry her essentials.

Of course, Merryn then requested that I make her a bag as well...

...not the same, but not so different either. I was a bit limited in my fabric doesn't take centre stage in my fabric stash, that's for sure :)

Do you celebrate Halloween at your house?

TTFN xxx


Lisa Leggett said...

Oh Suzie, these are terrific! I love them so much! And only took you an hour? Gah, you're a genius, and your fabric choices are spot on! Ok, you've inspired me, I'll try to get mine made on Sunday so *I* can take one trick or treating! Heheh... well, I won't be trick or treating, but I'll be carrying the flashlight and the coats, I'm taking my little niece & nephew out on Halloween.

Tracey said...

Okay seriously cute. You make me want to celebrate halloween.
love me :-)

Anonymous said...

Love those bags, awesome!

Nope, I don't celebrate halloween at all, I don't decorate for fall much except for a few pumpkins sometimes. I love fall but not the holiday, although I trick or treated when I was a kid. I think these days it's kinda' overdone, but that's ok.

Linda said...

Dont get me started on this, you know my feelings. Your bags look very cute and i noticed you had to put in some dots.

Hope said...

The bags look wonderful and cute, and I love your fabric choices, but the way I'm feeling at the moment, I'm kinda eyeing off what's IN the bags more than the bags themselves ;)