Monday, October 10, 2011

Milk, cookies and a brand new bike!

I know it's only October, but thoughts of Christmas are starting to enter my head...which is probably a good thing, since I always seem to be running around like a mad woman, come December :)

One of the recent Label Crew projects was a Christmas themed mug rug, which is perfect for putting out Santa's treats on Christmas Eve.
Mind you, by the time he gets to our house, Santa is usually ready for a beer and some rum balls :)
I used fabrics from Sweetwaters' Countdown to Christmas range for this little project, and am now all inspired to cut into it a bit more!

Some of you may remember from last year that our family collects a "mode of transport" Santa each Christmas...we have Santa in a plane, in a hot air balloon, on a reindeer etc etc...and I was starting to worry that we may have exhausted Santa's transport possibilities :) Imagine our delight when we came across this in the Myer Christmas Shop...
...and before the beginning of December! Very happy with less thing off my last-minute Christmas-frenzied shopping list, and the kids think he is adorable. I almost can't wait to start decorating for Christmas again...hee hee, I did say almost :)

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Or are you still in denial that it's less than eleven weeks away? LOL

Have a great day

TTFN xxx


Tracey said...

way too cute, and santa on a bike... who would have thought.
love me :-)

Linda said...

Wow i had better not tell Andrew that Myers have their christmas shop open, i am sure that we were there every saturday last year.

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

oh I am so with you Suzi, I am a real Christmas freak!!! such fun and excitement huh...

Cardygirl said...

The thought of Christmas is super the push bike Santa and the mug rug!

Hope said...

Cute Santa indeed. We have a Christmas barn near here with loads of trees and decorations, open half the year. Each time I visit I want it to be time to decorate.

The mug rug looks great :)