Friday, October 21, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday - The Quick-unpick Edition

Ohhhh yes...there was an awful lot of reverse sewing involved in bringing you this weeks edition of Farmers Wife Friday! Seams didn't want to match up, I kept sewing the wrong pieces to each other... at one stage I even sewed a whole row on back to front! Duh! One thing least I was alone in the house, so no one had to listen to my...umm...not-so-very-nice words :)

Here they are...
Block number 26 Cut Glass Dish. 51 pieces in a 6 1/2 inch square. No wonder I said the odd bad word or two :)
Block 25 Cups and Saucers. I thought I liked the colours in this one. Now it's all sewn together...not so much.

As I've said before, they can't all
be my favourites. I think I'll go back to sewing my Bliss quilt for's sooooo much easier :)

TTFN xxx


Cardygirl said...

Just love your blocks and I LOVE those fabrics! Hmmm...are you wishing I was there???? I would love to pop by for a chat!

Hope said...

You know, you're really making me want to start this farmers wife thing. The blocks are fantastic and look to be a great challenge.

Linda said...

OMG Susan all of those little little pieces, i wouldn't get passed the cutting out stage. How many now, can we see them all together and how is your little bit of bliss coming along?

Farm Girl said...

Beautiful ...... though I would have quit at the 51 pieces

Jill said...

I'm afraid that if I start quilting I'll start using those "not so nice" words too. Ok, who am I kidding... those words have been artfully used during any one my creative endeavors! hee hee
ps... great job on those squares!

The SPANGLER said...

Gorgeous! I'm always envious of the skill to put together amazing blocks and quilts... one day I will learn!
Happened across your blog by chance and it looks lovely! Stop by at The Quick Unpick and say hi and have a look around if you get a chance!

Tracey said...

Oh Susan these blocks are just beautiful. Very glad I decided not to do this quilt... way too small for me LOL.
Love the doilie, what a wonderful gift and I so love how you put a little label on the back.
Love me :-)

CaliQuilter said...

Your blocks are lovely! Cut Glass Dish is not an easy block so congrats for completing it. My seam ripper has become my best friend since starting the Farmer's Wife :)

Janellybelly said...

It's looking delicious, love your polka dot & floral combo ;)