Friday, October 28, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday- The I HAVE A PLAN Edition

When I started making Farmers Wife blocks a few months back, I thought I could just go along happily, throwing fabrics together and hoping for the best. And for a while, that was working for me :)

But then the real me, the organised me, the me that likes to have things just right, sort of took over, and started panicking that maybe this quilt just wasn't going to work...that maybe I needed a plan. So I laid all my blocks out, and did a bit of rearranging here and there, and came up with one :)

What if...I make one pile of blocks that have a predominantly white background, and another pile of blocks that have NO white? Then, when I put the blocks together, I alternate between the piles, creating a pattern? Ooooh yes, I like patterns! I'll probably sash the blocks in a plain white too, because I really really like white.

And with that...I have a plan! And not only a plan, but a shortage of blocks with NO white :( So that's what I made this week :)

Block number 34 Flock...

...and Block number 35, Flower Basket.

I used ricrac as the basket handle again, to try and start tieing in with other blocks I've made already.

Can I also add was really REALLY good to make a couple of blocks with less than 20 pieces. Just sayin'.

We have a long weekend here in Perth due to CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) so I'm already in weekend mode...

TTFN xxx


Sharon Manning said...

Oh this is looking so good Susan! I have the book - no fabric - and no mojo :-( maybe one day I will go there.

Linda said...

Oh yes i am in weekend mode as well, isn't it wonderful. Love your plan and the blocks look great.
All my Saturday work was done today so tomorrow we are of to Modo Mio to celebrate Andrews birthday. We have all been salivating since Joe bought the lunch menu home.
Are you of to see the Queen?
I will have to do a post about how i saw her, its funny

Hope said...

I love the blocks all laid out together! They look wonderful, such great colours. I love your plan too - sounds like a good one to me.

Lisa Leggett said...

This is beautiful. I still say yours is the best Farmers Wife on the web! Truely, I love it!

Tracey said...

I am liking the plan and weekend mode has definately set in.
love me :-)