Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About Christmas cards...

I've made a little start on my Christmas cards...and I'm feeling pretty happy about that :) I actually considered not making them at all this year, but my sense of tradition took over once more (such a sucker for tradition!)

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I usually make a couple of different types of cards for Christmas...a newsletter card for friends and relatives in far-off places (usually with a photo enclosed) , and a normal card for those that are close by. I started with the newsletter card...

Making the sample is probably the hardest part...so many decisions! After that, it's easy to create a production line, crank up the printer, and whip them out. Sounds easy, huh?

So, what I really want to know is...do you send out Christmas cards? Do you wait until you receive a card from someone before you send them one back? And do you continue to send people cards, even if they never ever send you one? Burning questions, I know...would love to hear your thoughts :)

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Yay dont stop keep on going with that roll. Thanks for reminding me-i need to send my overseas cards about now.

K-Sue said...

Ack, every year I do something different. About every 3rd year I get no cards out, or maybe just a handful. Half the time I start from the back of the address book, since I am prone to not finishing the whole list, and I don't want to always miss the U-Z friends. I'm thankful for distant friends who don't remove us from their lists.

Jill said...

Cute card!! I'm planning on making cards this year... we'll see how that goes.
I stick with the same list almost every year. I always make sure to send to everyone that sends to me. Sometimes I'll send to old friends who are hit & miss about sending cards just because I can't stand to think of totally loosing touch.
Hmmmm... I better get started soon on my cards!

Hope said...

My hand made Christmas cards only go to friends and family in the UK. I don't tend to give cards to 'local' friends and family. Not sure why.

Your card design looks lovely.