Sunday, November 20, 2011

Farmers Wife Friday - The Re-do Edition

I've been mucking around with my Farmers Wife blocks since...well...Friday :) It's been one of those little exercises in frustration rather than joy this week, where points didn't want to match up and colours didn't look right.

I started off doing Block 27 Darting Birds. The colours looked great, but after putting the 52 pieces together, I realized that some of the points weren't so great. That was Friday, and other more exciting things beckoned (like shopping at IKEA, and having a crafty catchup with Linda and Tracey) so my blocks were abandoned.

Saturday dawned, and I started off with Block 50 Honey's Choice...

I was inspired by Kristyne over at Pretty By Hand with my colour choices...she's been making a couple of blocks with the same pattern in different colourways, and they look awesome! I had to add a piece of Rose Parade in the centre, just to tie in with the rest of my blocks :)

I showed my blocks to the girls on Friday night, and they agreed that my blocks-with-white were MUCH nicer than my blocks-without-white. So rather than persevere with my Darting Birds (which still didn't want to play nice!)I remade Block 29 Economy...

This one is MUCH MUCH nicer than the original...which even Linda suggested that I bin!

I probably should try to make a few catch-up blocks during the week, but time is a bit limited...and the quilter rang last night to tell me that she has finished , not one, but TWO quilts for me! WOOHOOOOOO...I see some binding in my future :)

TTFN xxx


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Fabulous news that you will get your quilts back for Christmas!

Love your latest blocks. SOmetimes you just have to redo so that you are happy with it. I can't wait to see it all together - such happy colours you are using.

Linda said...

Yep that looks much better.

Hope said...

Bin it? Was it really that bad? I'm gonna go find the post with the original now :)