Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More spooky fun!

Forget your traditional Christmas gingerbread house...
...and bring on the haunted house!

I found this Hanted House gingerbread kit in my local supermarket while doing my grocery shopping last week...the things you can buy these days! The box promised it contained "everything required" to create our very own spooky house, and quite surprisingly, it did :)

Little white sugar ghosts, pumpkin gumballs, candy corn (I would have bought the kit just for this alone!), and ready-to-pipe icing in bright orange and well as sprinkles and jelly beans, and the gingerbread house parts.

How cool is that? I let go on my perfectionist tendencies, and let the kids go berserk :) which explains why the roof has two different patterns. It was very easy to put together (unlike Christmas gingerbread house kits we've made in the past)...the key is the moulded plastic tray. We piped some icing into the recesses on the base, sat the house panels in, and voila! A spooky Halloween Haunted House! The kids had a ball creating it, and for the bargain price of $12, is definitely a Halloween activity I can recommend :)

And alittle more spookiness...

...I've never seen my girl look scarier!

TTFN xxx


Linda said...

Wow how cool is that. Have you eaten it yet? Yes Lydia looks very scary.

Jenni said...

Excellent! Love the gingerbread-spooky-house!
Lydia looks great.