Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Call of the Colours

I am weak. I have no will power.'s true....don't try to stick up for me :) I swore that I would not start on another quilt until at least one of my other quilts was officially ticked off my to-do list.

These little boxes of mine are very hard to resist though...

Is there anything more fun than picking threads for a new project? Especially when you have yummy new fabrics to match them to.
...and a Stitch-a-long group who have already started, and tease me every day with their fabric selections and completed blocks!

So today, in a moment of weakness, I gave in. I pulled apart that gorgeous bundle of fabric. I pulled threads from those boxes of colourful goodness.

I traced, and I vlisofixed, and I rotary cut, and I created blocks all ready to stitch when next I sit in front of the TV to watch something.

It's naughty.....but it feels oh so good :)

And let's be honest here...(most of) those other quilts are very very close to finishing. Right?

I'm almost convinced :)

TTFN xxx


Jennie said...

I love this quilt and I've been following the blog - I would love to join too (like you I always need more projects:) ) but the group seems to be full :( You seem to have made loads of progress really quickly.

PS: thanks for becoming one of my followers :)

Chookyblue...... said...

you sounds like a naughty little girl......looks great..........

Linda said...

Ok ignore my email. Mmmm love that fabric and the blocks look great. Happy stitching. It must be time for a catch up again or are we waiting for the next label crew. Does that use the christmas fabrics. Xx

Jill said...

Okay, I can't blame you for starting a new quilt before the others are finished. Those new squares are going to be soooooo adorable-- I can see that already! Love the colors, love the patterns, love it all!

Cardygirl said...

Gorgeous will be super fresh & pretty!

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Ahh a start......congratulations and of course I love your fabrics. Will be fun to see how two quilts made from the same line of fabrics will look as already they are so yummy yet different :o)

Carla said...

Hi there. I found your blog through the farmer's wife quilt along. I recently started and am done 8 blocks. Cute blog you have!

Hope said...

I am jealous of that thread collection - so many colours! Congratulations on starting a new project ;)

Jill said...

It's okay to be naughty... especially when those blocks are so cute! I wouldn't be able to resist putting other projects aside for those either!

Jill said...

Ooops... I just realized that I already commented the other day. I really really love that quilt. :)