Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Tree

It feels like an awfully long time since I showed you a block from my "A Family Gathering" quilt. Truth be told, I got a little stuck on the block called Family Tree and it disappeared for a little while into the "too hard" basket that sits on the side of my desk :) Awful place, that basket....some items never emerge from there!

First let me show you my version...

...and here is the version from the book by Anni Downs...

I was never going to stitch my actual Family Tree...the branches would be all over the place! (my family is quite complicated, to say the least!) I couldn't decide what I was going to stitch instead, though.

After a few months of pondering (these things take time) I used a design that I created for my 38 Squares stitchery project a couple of years back...the tyre swing hanging from a big old tree :)

Of course, the original stitchery only measured one inch square, so I had lots of room to add cute details to this larger version, like birdie beaks and silver chain and the verse, which is one of my favourites :)

Now that this project has made it out of that dreaded "too hard" basket, I have some catching up to do!

Happy stitching

TTFN xxx


Sharon Manning said...

Just perfect Susan.....gorgeous work! X

Jill said...

I really love your version of that square. It's more "you" and seems more meaningful. That quilt is going to be darling!

Jenni said...

Really, really lovely!

Linda said...

Love it Susan.

Hope said...

I love your design!